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Welcome to the online user guide for NOVUS and HELIX.

Both systems share a large proportion of functionality and programs, some programs are only part of the HELIX product and some only part of NOVUS.

NOVUS is a full insurance intermediary lifecycle policy administration system with integrated document management and functionality that provides cash, claims, and accounts management designed for the wholesale insurance and reinsurance intermediary being brokers, MGAs, and cover holders.

It provides for the processing of direct and facultative policies as well as proportional treaties, binders, lineslips and facilities. Options for integrated sanctions checking and London market connectivity are available as well as analytics and the provision of class specific risk level data collection.

In contrast HELIX offers all the same accounts, claims and cash functionality, the same risk and master contract management but with provision for retained account and outward reinsurance management of inward policy processing.

Both systems can be connected to third-party accounts systems if the integrated nominal and purchase ledgers are not required and a library of web services allows for connectivity to quote and bind or bordereaux submission portals.

This User Guide

Using the search bar above, simply enter in a search query, program name or a field name within a program to find out more information.

The pages of this user guide offer cross referenced links to allow the reader to navigate through the relevant path of information. There is a page for each program with information on what the program is intended to achieve, a list of the fields and a set of simple instructions on how to navigate through the screen. The instructions have been aimed at the experienced insurance technician or accountant user who possesses a broad understanding of systems in general. If you feel you require further training please refer to your own company's training protocols.

This user guide will be updated regularly; individual program release notes and versions are noted at the bottom of the relevant program page. If your program shows a later release number it is not likely to cause any major discrepancies; if in doubt please raise as a support issue.

We hope you find this user guide helpful. If you have any comments or questions please raise with Morning Data.

Where To Start

If you have just started to use NOVUS or HELIX then we would recommend you begin with the NOVUS Walkthrough guide to get an introduction to NOVUS and the associated user guide pages on this wiki as a start in how to use the menu.


Areas of the system are broken up into categories such as claims, accounting, risk management etc. Use the links below to access the categories as we set them up within the User Guide.

Click here for a list of all categories

Need More Help?

If after reading the user guide you find you are still in need of help then there are many methods of contacting us.

You can:

Error Messages

Most error and warning messages contained within our software are listed in this wiki. Enter the text of the warning or error, or the error code itself, into the search box to find out more about the problem and any possible fixes.

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