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Name VAT Reports
Shortcut VATREP
Area Purchase_Ledger

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

VAT Report

This reports `net brokerage` from the IBA (insurance broking account) for the purposes of VAT. All amounts are reported in GBP.

Section Field Description
Header Section Brokerage or agency Enter 'B' for brokerage, 'A' for silent agents' report.
Date or Tranx. No. Enter 'D' to select a date range, 'T' to select a transaction range.
Date Range Section From: The starting date of the report.
To The end date of the report.
Transaction Range From The starting transaction of the report.
To The last transaction of the report.
Division Code An individual division can be entered here, F9 will list valid divisions, or enter ALL to run the report across all divisions.

Example Output


Version History

v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version

v8J - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.
v9J - "Account Range" changed to "Transaction Range" and FROM and TO fields accept transaction numbers instead of account codes