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Name Unconvert
Shortcut UNCONV
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Unconverting a Transaction

If an error has been made when converting a transaction it is possible to 'unconvert' the transaction using the UNCONV program.

Instalments on a transaction are converted from a source currency to a destination (banking) currency using the CONV program at a user-defined rate of exchange. All lines on the instalment are converted at the same rate of exchange. Once a transaction has now been unconverted, it should not be visible in EPERIOD

UNCONV transaction.PNG

A single instalment can be unconverted by specifying the splitter information before the unconvert button is clicked.

UNCONV transactions splitter to unconvert.PNG

UNCONV Transaction unconverted.PNG

Shaded table:

Field name Description
TranNo. Transaction number to be unconverted
Type Type of transaction
Splitter Installment sequence identifier
Converted Date the transaction instalment was converted
@ Exchange rate when transaction instalment was converted
Pol/Yr Policy number and date
Sections Policy Sections
A/C Client account name and suffix
Sp Splitter instalment identifier
T Tax or fixed fee code
Sec Policy section
Booked @ Exchange rate with respect to destination currency
Reference Additional transaction reference information
Converted O/S Amount outstanding in the destination currency
New Outstanding Amount outstanding in the source currency

If a transaction has been unconverted it should not be visible in EPERIOD for the period of the transaction. Additional lines for journal type F are no longer present in ENLBATCH, only the original ‘S’ type lines will be visible.

In ENLACC only the original entry row is present for the credit soft currency entry, no debit rows for the conversion will be visible.

Version History

v 6.0.0 – Updated to the latest version