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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Templates are used to create Microsoft Word documents, these are also referred to as dummies as they are not .dot or .dotx files but are all .doc or .docx files.

Each user must ensure they have installed a copy of the normal.dot or imported the VBA macros into their normal.dot template within Word as part of the installation process. Once Word is open, select the view tab in the ribbon, click the macros icon and click the view macro link to check if the macros are imported. The macros used by Morning Data within Word are used by Microsoft Word to format the WP documentation correctly and are updated regularly.

For I3 or Z3 delivery solutions a server-based copy of Microsoft Word is required.

There are several different types of templates.

SLIP or Pro forma Schedule Templates

These templates reside in the "templates" folder under the company database folder within the filestore (traditionally known as drive W:). Each template can be connected to a specific policy type by using that file for the creation of a SLIP or PROFSCHED. The system will remember that the selected file name should be offered as an option for all policies/risks of that type.

Word Dummies

These are system supplied but are able to be tailored to meet your company's requirements in terms of style and layout. Dummies are essentially mail merge documents and are able to be maintained by your company. Morning Data are able to assist with the maintenance of these documents for any changes you may require. These reside under the Dummies_W2000 folder within the filestore.

Excel Dummies

Excel dummies are used in certain reportage. These reside in the Dummies_X2000 folder within the filestore. The xlmacros.XLs must be copied to the user's PC in order to produce excel documents generated from NOVUS.

MIS Dummies

These are specific to each user and reside on the user's own local drive.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version