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Name Trial Balance
Shortcut TRIBAL
Area NL

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

The trial balance is the sum of the nominal ledger (NL). In the NL every transaction is a double entry that sums to zero, so the sum of the NL must be zero.

The trial balance (TRIBAL) program has been designed to include all unposted totals as if they had been posted. The trial balance figures for unposted periods are subject to change as further transactions are entered. A Trial Balance covering the current or future periods must be regarded as "projected" or "provisional".

The TRIBAL program includes options to report on convertible currency records at either their booked rate (journal) of exchange or at the prevailing rate of exchange. This enables unrealised gains and losses to be determined for management reporting purposes.

The TRIBAL report gives the balance of all the nominal accounts and should balance at zero at the end.

Field name Description
Start of year: Enter the required year for which the report is required.
to period of same year: Enter the period to which the report should go to in the above year.
Division Select from the drop-down menu the division code for the trial balance report.
Department Select from the drop-down menu the department if required for the trial balance report.

Select, from the radio buttons, one of the five following options:

  • Banking currencies only - (This is equivalent to option 1 on the legacy version of NOVUS)
  • Single or all currencies - (This is equivalent to option 2 on the legacy version of NOVUS)
  • at prevailing ROX's - (This is equivalent to option 3 on the legacy version of NOVUS)
  • at Journal Rates - (This is equivalent to option 4 on the legacy version of NOVUS)
  • at Year-End Rates - (This is equivalent to option 5 on the legacy version of NOVUS)

If 'Single or all currencies' is selected, the drop-down list offers the option to select a single currency or all currencies.

[File: TRIBAL.jpg|800px]]

Note: Most commonly used TRIBAL options are:

  • All Currencies at prevailing ROX's
  • All Currencies at journal rates

Click the run report button to display a grid containing the information you have selected.

TRIBAL Report 2020.PNG

Select one of five document types to save this data by clicking the save to file button specifying the document name. Select the check box if totals are included in the reports or not.

TRIBAL Report Excel.PNG

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v16K - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.