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Name Debit/Credit Processing
Shortcut TRANPTN
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Non-Templated Transaction Processing

Creating a Non-Templated Transaction Entry

In the non-templated transactions program, TRANPTN, amounts for each party can be specified. A non-templated transaction still requires a market – amounts can only be specified for parties that exist in the market.

There is one exception to this in NOVUS. When `gross amounts` are not entered into transaction processing screens and the order per cent is not applied, it is considered to be a non-templated transaction.

In the TRANPTN program the amount entered is the amount in the transaction, regardless of order per cent. All that the TRANPTN program uses the market for is to get a list of accounts.

This program can be accessed by typing TRANPTN in the NOVUS shortcut or via the risk query screen choosing option: non templated transaction after the required policy record has been selected. On entry to the program, the selected policy number and year are automatically displayed.

This program enables figures to be entered directly against the market. Any difference between the debits and credits is written to the brokerage account. As no templating is involved, you should use 100% figures i.e. the order per cent is disregarded in this program.

Note: On a policy with Risk Details, where an endorsement does not result in an Additional or Return Premium, a zero value adjustment premium must still be processed using TRANPTN before the next endorsement can be processed.

For Helix installations where IFRS17 has been applied transactions will not be possible unless the profit field in RISKNEW has been completed.

Field name Description
Pol No/Year: Automatically displayed if the TRANPT program is accessed from the risk query screen. otherwise, enter the policy number and tab to autocomplete the year field
Section: Enter the required market mix (section). If mixes are not used, enter ‘A’. For FDO, use 'ALL'.
FDO/ADJ: Enter 'F' for FDO, or 'A' for Adj
MVN: Enter the required market version number. Double click for a list of values.
Endorsement Endorsement obtained via the RISKEND program
Entry Details format: Free format text. Include the date in the format: 03Q19 - 3rd Quarter 2019
Acc Date: This defaults to the system date and is the date of the transaction. It is not possible to post to closed periods.
Inst Date: Instalment date of transaction. This defaults to today's date and is the date of the transaction.
Payable by: This is the date by which debit items should be paid. The default is the system date. Edit as required.
T of T Terms of Trade in days. Added to the payable date for U/W closings etc.
Currency Source/Dest: Enter the source and destination currencies. If the source currency is a banking currency then the destination currency defaults to this. The destination currency must be a banking currency. This is the currency into which the transaction will be converted.

On pressing tab, the screen displays the brokerage balance and the list of insurers on the market.

Amount: Enter the amount applicable to each market participant. A premium type entry would normally require a credit (minus) to be entered in this field. Transactions entered via this program are given a type ‘D’ which means they are direct entries, neither premiums nor claims.

It is possible to intermix debits with credits if wished. On pressing tab the running balance is updated and recorded against the brokerage record and the cursor moved the next record for the next participant.

Continue entering amounts against each participant. Enter ‘0’ against participants if appropriate. When all participants have been assigned values you will navigate automatically to the bottom ‘commit’ field.

Transaction Elements: The transaction elements can be split for statistical purposes only, these are not written to the IBA (individual brokerage account) ledger and will not appear on reports that only consult the IBA. as indicated the panel is expecting 100% order figures.
Press [COMMIT] to Proceed.. Press f10 to write the transaction.


The transaction can then be closed or a debit/credit note produced.


Version History

v 6.2.0 – Updated to the latest version
v5.0.0 – Updated to latest version
v33M -Write FDO transaction if policy_mode = 'L' and amount processed is zero
v31M - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.