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Name Risk Record Enquiry
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Policy Compliance (Subjectivities)

Policies may be contingent on subjectivities that are added to policies by carriers. Customers must prove that the additional evidence complies with the requirements for the policy and has been provided to the carrier. For example, to insure a risk against fire, a relevant fire certificate may be required, or to include a classic car, evidence of an agreed value might be needed. Policy compliance subjectivities and warranties can be viewed by the broker along with requested evidence. The policy compliance module has the following features:

  • Customers, policies subjectivities, and warranties can be imported by brokers and assigned to customer contacts
  • Customers can receive notifications and reminders on what evidence is needed to comply with the carrier’s policies
  • Relevant communication can be tracked for policy compliance subjectivities and warranties

The subjectivities portal can not be invoked by entering the SUBJTPTL command into the NOVUS shortcut menu. It can only be invoked through a risk, or by clicking the Eos umbrella icon on the risk management tab in the NOVUS ribbon.

To initiate the process from a NOVUS risk open a risk and click the Policy Compliance hyperlink for the risk. A dialog box will open indicating that the policy compliance request has been raised within the portal.

This request invokes the Eos Broker app which contains data from the risk. The app takes control until the subjectivities process is complete. The status of the subjectivities process can be: Pending, Completed, Cancelled, or Rejected. The risk in NOVUS is updated with each status.

Policy Compliance.PNG

A broker begins the process by generating subjectivities linked to a policy for the customer to provide evidence against. Carriers are attached to subjectivities that are already attached to the policy. When clicking the link in the risk, the request is raised to the subjectivities portal.

Policy Compliance requested .PNG

NOVUS performs the following actions:

  • If the client company has not previously been used, a new company (CLIENT) record will be created. Any relevant users can then be added to the client record in the portal. Once added the selected client contact will receive an email invitation with a link to take them directly to the subjectivity in the app. Logged-in users can also see other subjectivities assigned to them asAssigned Broker. Users can also see other policies and subjectivities for their organisation that need feedback.
  • A policy record (POLNUM\YEAR) will be created if the policy has not previously been used. If a policy has already been created, no new policy will be set up. The list of carriers contained in the market (MART) program will be displayed. The user selects which carrier(s) is responsible for the subjectivity.
  • NOVUS will open the subjectivities app so that the new subjectivity for the relevant policy can be added.

Sign in to the subjectivities portal within NOVUS to see the broker subjectivities dashboard. Activities can be filtered to view:

  • All activities
  • In Progress - review and submit evidence
  • Provide rejection/cancel reason
  • Relate to carriers/insurers
  • Add any supporting notes and confirm for submission to client
  • Review evidence
  • Add feedback note to client
  • Review feedback and discuss solution with client

Compliance dashboard.PNG

Add subjectivity.png

When subjectivities have been added, checked, and confirmed by the broker, the information can be released to the customer using an email message. The customer can log in and review the information. The customer can then log into the portal and provide evidence or indicate that they are unable to meet the requirements of the subjectivities.

The broker can decide if the process can continue based on the evidence supplied, or the indication that the customer is unable to provide the relevant information. If the broker decides that the subjectivities cannot be met a reason can be noted detailing the rejection of the policy. If the subjectivities are completed to the broker’s satisfaction, the subjectivities can be marked as completed.

Subjectivity assign carrier.PNG

Administrators can configure the subjectivities application and can add users, manage insurer records, manage carrier and customer accounts, and add policies to customer accounts.

Subjectivities requested.PNG

The user completes the subjectivities details, answering the questions on the popup window. The subjectivities are assigned to a named contact at the client with dates for the client and the user (broker) to ensure timings meet requirements. Subjectivities assigned to users will display on the home screen of the app.

All but Pending complete the process, the user can add the status as a column to ERISK to be able to view risks by subjectivity status. Progress can be regressed and subjectivities details can be changed.

In the event a mid-term change results in a requirement for new subjectivities the user can repeat the process, instigating the routine and adding new subjectivities for the policy in question. The status reverts to Pending again, and updating the same subjectivities with new information will result in completion.

Subjectivity requirements.PNG

Subjectivities have details about what is required from the client. The broker user or the client (if they are invited to) can satisfy the subjectivities; this may consist of confirming facts or providing evidence, such as a certificate, inspection, or valuation. The green progress panel shows a full history of each stage.

Subjectivites progress.PNG

Users can click and drag any document to the policy – evidence may have arrived by email and is to be attached to subjectivities. Alternatively, the client can add evidence using the web portal or phone app. Sections include the ability to add or view the added evidence.

Subjectivities evidence.PNG

After risk subjectivities have been set up by the broker, the status will show “Pending”. Subjectivities can be Rejected, Cancelled, or Completed. When all requirements have been completed the NOVUS hyperlink will show Completed.

Subjectivities completed.PNG

Reporting on activities and outcomes can detail the status and outcomes of activities per user or by the company with response times, cancelled or aborted subjectivities and provide an audit trail per user. Reports can be downloaded in CSV format.

Subjectivities reporting.PNG

Version History

v 6.1.0 - Updated to the latest version