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Name Statement Flagging
Shortcut STF
Area Account Reports

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Statement Flagging

This program enables line items to be suppressed from statements. The statement flag is normally set to ‘Y’ (appear) but printing can be suppressed by setting this to ‘N’. Transactions to be worked with can be selected by a number of criteria detailed at the top of the STF window:

Transaction Selection Criteria

Enter the required partner account.
A transaction type can be created, for example, 'CLM' for claims. A list of transaction types is available by pressing F9 or double-clicking in the empty field. If left blank, all transaction types will be included.
It is possible to select transactions for a particular currency (or all if left blank).
Pol No /Year:
Transactions can be selected for a particular policy and year (or all if left blank).
Opposite Side:
If required you can specify an account on the 'other side' of the transactions to be returned.
Transaction Range:
You can specify a start and/or end transaction number to limit the transactions returned
Reset Flag to:
You can automatically change all returned transactions to a particular flag if you enter Y or N in this field. If left blank then the transactions will appear with their current status ready to be manually modified.

Transaction Information Display

Suffix ( This is '*' for client/cedant, '.' for insurer/reinsurer or '-' for silent agent)
Splitter - This represents the instalment (A = first instalment, B = second instalment , etc)
This is the tax code for that transaction line (see the FEES program for a display of these codes)
Inst Date
Instalment date of this line
Transaction number
Original Amount
The original amount of the transaction is preceded by the source currency code
Source Outstanding
Outstanding amount in source currency
Destination Outstanding
Outstanding amount in destination currency preceded by the destination currency code
Statement Flag - set this to N if this item is NOT to appear on statements or Y for it to appear. By default, all transactions have this set to 'Y'

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to the latest version

V10J - Added Transaction Range Criteria