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Name Account Listing
Area Reports

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Further information on document fields can be found at the statement documents and the document tags pages in this wiki.

The STATEMENT program produces a statement of account for a business partner or range of business partners with cut-off dates, agencies, suffixes, currencies, and templates. This document shows any outstanding transactions that are due to, or from, the client and is used for credit control purposes.

Statements are usually sent to a client on a monthly basis or on-demand to clarify why an amount of money is due. Statements can also be run for silent agents to summarise their commission paid and due. Insurer statements are less common as most business is done on a bordereaux basis which replaces that function.

Account Range

The account range section enables the range to be specified for which accounts will be listed on the document. For a report on a single account select the same account for both first and last options. A parameter in STATEMENT allows a user to run a statement for a single partner or range of parent partners and that can also include 'child' partners linked to that ORG group.

Options Section

Use the table below for a guide on the options available in this section.

Range type Description
Cut-off date Today's date. Instalments dates after the cut off date will not appear on the statement.
Filter by Agency Agency (A), direct only (D), both (B)
Division Division code for report or All.
Exclude inward Bdx To exclude inwards bordereaux transactions from the statement enter 'Y', otherwise enter 'N'
Standalone Only? To include all transactions from all policy types, enter 'N'. To include all transactions from true open market policies enter 'Y'/
Include claims? To include all transactions relating to claims, enter 'Y' otherwise enter 'N'.
Portal only? If a statement is required for broker portal policies, enter 'Y', Enter 'N' if a statement is required for all policies
Dummy/Template To use the default dummy template to produce the statement enter 'D'. Enter 'T' to use a specific template listed in the templates section

In the currencies area, a list of currencies will be displayed for the account range specified. Click the appropriate button to add or remove the add or remove the currency to the field at the right-hand side of the section.

In the Templates area, a list of templates used for the statement will be displayed if available. A new template can be added by using the Add New Template if required.

Click Print to create the statement document using the XXX_dum_state.doc template. This will be displayed on the screen in Microsoft Word and can be printed, or saved to the P drive if required.


Version History

v7.0.0 – Updated to latest version
v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

V53K - Current version.URM 3346 updae replaces ins date in mrs_build trigger

V49K - New block/trigger added for Kay. records grouped by section