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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Document fields for Slips

This is a guide only, and some fields or the format of fields may be client specific, and also specific to a type of risk details. Please contact Morning Data if the data is not as expected.

There are two ways of adding fields into a slip dummy or template. The first is as with all documentation, using f numbers produced in the pc.csv file as below. The second is using some tags that will be merged with the document when it is produced. A dummy or template can use f numbers and tag fields. The tag fields are available at the document tags page on this wiki.

The tag fields are the same for the QUOTED, SLIP, PROFSCHED, POLISSUE and COV programs, but the f number fields are specific to each document and F50 in SLIP may not necessarily be the same as F50 in the QUOTED, SLIP, POLISSUE or COV programs.

There is an option that will allow the user to have more control over which information is put into the cover note from the slip document.
This is done by adding tags to the slip document template.
The available tags are: "|Slip1|" and "|Slip2|". (Do not use the quotation marks when adding them to the document).

  • |Slip1| - When this tag is found, all the text from the beginning of the slip document up to the tag itself will be inserted into the cover note.
  • |Slip2| - When this tag is found, all the text from the tag itself to the end of the slip document will be inserted into the cover note.

The tag |MaterialInfo| will insert the file called material_info.doc from w:\wp\ [dataset] \ [polyear] \ [polnum] \Material Information.

Fields and tags for SLIP

f_Number Expected value Notes
f1 Company dataset ID
f2 Policy number
f3 Macro name
f4 Slip version number last_slip_ver
f5 Policy type poltype
f7 Division code div_code
f9 Reserved field
f10 Department code dept_code
f11 policy year
f12 Reserved field
f13 Option flag
f14 Policy number for replicating from
f15 Policy year for replicating from
f16 Policy type for replicating from poltype
f17 Slip version number for replicating from slip_ver
f18 Reserved field
f19 Template filename
f20 WP folder path
f21 Country code or country code description
f22 Reserved field
f24 Currency cur
f25 Policy start date fdate
f26 Policy end date tdate
f27 Insured client, insured
f28 Insured address address
f29 Insured insured
f30 "Treaty" if it's a treaty
f31 Assured assured
f32 Broker code brk_code
f33 Policy description policy_desc
f34 Estimated premium for the risk est_prem
f35 Section title and limit description for all sections limit_desc
f36 Country code country_code
f37 Period period
f38 UMR umr
f39 Client client
f41 Sections title for all sections
f42 Limit desc for all sections
f43 Gross premium for all sections
f44 Address of the division address1, address2, address3, address4, address5
f45 Cresta zone description descriptions
f46 Risk codes for all sections risk_code
f47 Address of the assured address
f48 Description of policy type descriptions
f49 Option flag
f51 Clause IDs clausestri
f52 Clause descriptions clause, clausestri, clause_name, clauses_description.It is preferable to use the <#clauses_description#> tag rather than F52/F53
f53 Clause description (Extend for when F52 excees 1000 chars)
f54 Property addresses acord_street_no, acord_street, acord_city, acord_county, acord_state, acord_zip. Risk Details only
f55 Sums insured per section name section_title, cur, si
f56 Sums insured per property section_title, item_id8 cur, si. Risk Details only
f57 Vehicle details item_id1, item_id4, item_id2, item_id3, item_id6, cur, si. Risk Details only
f58 Max sums insured
f59 Navigational limits nav_limits
f60 List of VIN numbers item_id6. Risk Details only
f62 Sums insured for all sections cur, si
f67 Parent policy number (binders and lineslips) mapolnum, bapolnum
f68 Parent policy year (binders and lineslips) mayear, bayear
f69 Parent policy UMR (binders and lineslips umr
f70 Location code description description, location_code
f71 Reinstatements/brokerage/premium/loss text adjustable, brokerage_pc, premium_pc, loss_pc
f72 Order percent of policy from risk order_percent
f75 FCA Classification fca_class
f77 Reassured, reinsured, insured depending on whether it's a reinsurance policy and business category ri_flag
f78 Surplus Lines broker number sl_broker_lic_num
f79 Filing State(s) description
f80 New Jersey SLA Number nj_sla_num


V6.2.0 – Updated to the latest version
V4.2.0 – Updated to latest version.