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Name Surplus Line Broker Maintenance
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

The SLBROKER program (which may be optional or advised in a particular client installation) is for recording and maintenance of surplus line broker details to enable a LOV (list of values) for use in the SL broker licence number and name fields in the Additional Information tab within a risk record.

If SLBROKER is not available in a particular client installation, the surplus line broker details can still be manually recorded in the appropriate fields in the Additional Information tab in the risk record.

Column Heading Description
Broker Name Full name of surplus line broker
Licence Number The surplus line licence number for the broker
Stopped A check box to denote whether the broker is authorised for use or not
Lat/Long If a longitude and latitude position is entered Google maps will attempt to find the address automatically. Alternatively enter the address details for Google will attempt to find the correct latitude and longitude for the address entered. This can be overwritten.
Address Full address details of the broker including Lat/Long, street number, street name, city/town, zip code, Country, State, County and cresta zone

Print results and save to file options allow broker information to be printed or saved to 5 different file formats.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v1.5.3 - this is the initial version of the .net program