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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.


Resetting flags

When producing a document in NOVUS such as an evidence of cover or a debit note (invoice), it is sometimes necessary to reset the flags that were used to produce the original document, in order to re-generate a new version of the document.

When documents are produced they are saved in the WP repository and flags set in the relevant NOVUS program. This means that if the same policy or transaction number is queried, the same document will be produced on the 'edit' route. To re-generate a new version of the document on the 'create' or 'template' route, the flags must be reset.

Document production programs such as: CLOSE, COV, COVADD, DEBIT ENDORSE, POLISSUE, PROFSCHED, and SLIP may need flags resetting to enable each program to re-generate a new version of a document instead of displaying the document held in the WP repository.

To reset flags, use the f5 function key to reset the flags, and f10 COMMIT to commit the reset before closing the program. The next time the program is used, and same policy or transaction is entered, the program will use new settings to produce the document.

The steps in the following example refer to the DEBIT program:

1: Open DEBIT, enter a previously created transaction number, tab to populate the fields with relevant details, and create a debit/credit note for the required transaction. The Word document is stored in the documents folder underneath the risk number in the navigation tree. The document will show the date of the original document production.

DEBIT original note.PNG

DEBIT original debit note document.PNG

2: Open a new instance of the DEBIT program in NOVUS and enter the same transaction number. This will populate the screen with the same information as the original transaction type. Press f5 to reset the flags. A message will appear for confirmation that debit note flags for all clients will be reset on COMMIT. Click OK.

DEBIT reset note flags.PNG

3: Press f10 COMMIT. A message will appear to confirm that the debit note flag has been reset. Click OK.

DEBIT flag reset.PNG

4: Close the program and open a new instance, and enter the same transaction number. Tab through to press F10 COMMIT which will produce a new debit/credit note for the same transaction with today’s date.

DEBIT new debit note document.PNG

Version History

v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version