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ROX Update
The ROX update program enables NOVUS to download the latest currency exchange rates from a third party currency datafeed supplier - such as

How to Use

The program is launched from the 'download updates' button in the Currency program in NOVUS.

If an datafeed account is available, this program will allow the download of the relevant currency information directly into NOVUS. The program allows selection of the currencies to update and de-select those that will not be updated.


Depending on the account with the third party supplier downloads be restricted to a certain number per week or day, or both. If so it may be beneficial to nominate users to be responsible for updating the currency information. For each person who requests updated currencies the information downloaded for each day is saved in their own users' folder. This is to enable each user to apply certain currencies yet still return to the same data to apply other currency changes without having to re-download the updated data.

Clicking on the 'download updates' button in the Currency program will launch a new application window. The application will request new currency information and display this to the user.

The user is then able to select and deselect any currencies they wish to update within NOVUS. Information such as the current rate of exchange from NOVUS, the new rate of exchange from the data supplier and the change to that ROX are shown to the user to enable them to decide whether to apply the updated ROX.

Once the user has made their selection the changes are written to the database and the program closes.

Initial Setup

When this program is ran for the first time a "connection information" dialog box may appear. You will only need to complete this once. If you are unsure of the information you need to enter please contact your system administrator or call/email Morning Data for assistance.