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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

The file upload wizard allows the user to upload policy or claims associated files to the Z3 server. The wizard will only upload files for one specific risk at a time. If there are multiple files for multiple risks then it will be necessary to run this wizard for each individual risk.

Various different types of files can be uploaded.

  • Policy files (documents and images relating to a policy)
  • Claims files (documents and images relating to a claim)
  • Stamped MRC (stamped slip) PDF (the pages containing the stamps are exported for future documents)
  • Stamped Endorsement PDF (the pages are exported for future documents)
  • Bordereau import (the CSV file is made ready for use in INBORD)
  • Dummies
  • Templates

How it Works

Main window

How to Run

Risk selection

To run the file upload wizard select the file upload icon from the top right corner of the NOVUS main dashboard.

Select Files to Upload

Risk selection

The wizard will do its best to find the C: drive of the user's hard drive via the remote desktop connection. The user may see a window popup which asks about the type of access the user wishes to grant.

If this occurs it is necessary to select 'read access', otherwise the wizard will not be able to see the local C: drive.

If the user wishes to change the directory the wizard is looking at they should click the small button with the three dots on it, situated to the right of the source folder box.

To select a file to upload simply tick the box next to each file. The text at the bottom-right corner of the window indicates how many files the user has selected and the size of the entire upload group.

Destination Risk / Claim Reference

Confirm files

To upload files to the server the wizard needs to know which folder it should save the uploaded files in to, if this is relevant to the type of document being uploaded.

The user should enter in the desired policy number into the field. As the user begins to type the wizard will autofill the box, and automatically select the latest year for that risk.

If claims reference folders are available for that risk the wizard will also populate the claim reference dropdown.

Existing Files

Upload in progress

This page of the wizard asks the user how they would like the wizard to react to a situation where the file being uploaded already exists in name on the server. The user has two choices.

  • Rename existing file to {filename}.bak

This will rename any existing files to a new appended extension of .bak (eg; file.doc becomes file.doc.bak)

  • Rename new file to {filename}.net

This will cause the new file to be uploaded with an appended extension of .new (eg; newfile.doc becomes newfile.doc.new)

If either of the renamed files exist the wizard will begin appending a number sequence to the filenames.

Completing the Wizard

Upload complete

The next page of the wizard will ask the user to confirm the files they have selected along with the policy they have chosen.

Once the user clicks 'next' to confirm the selection, the wizard will begin uploading the files to the server.

The files will be visible in the navigation tree under the policy number.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

3.2.0 - If a file upload fails the user is informed as to why as well as how many files failed to upload.