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RISKVIEW new.png
Name Risk View
Shortcut Risk View
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.


The risk view gives an overview of a risk, showing the most important information from the RISKNEW program while adding new information such as market, transaction and claim breakdowns.

The main screen shows an overview of the risk, including a breakdown of the sections as in the RISKNEW program.

It is possible to open insured, client and assured in the PARTNER program by left-clicking in the policy section. Links to other programs will be underlined when a mouse cursor hovers over them.

Left-clicking the policy number in the top left of RISKVIEW copies the policy number to the clipboard so it can be pasted.

Where a record has policy mode of 'W', 'B', 'L' or 'F', the master maximum values (Max GWP, Max SI/Line, Max SI/Agg) will be displayed in the Section tab, instead of Estimated GWP and Sum Insured.

The Policy Compliance link in RISKNEW/RISKVIEW is disabled for Master Contract, Treaty and Quote Risks, for which it is not applicable

RISKVIEW new.png

Policy Tab Status Codes

When viewing a risk the policy tab shows the status code of the risk. To make changes to this status, click the edit risk information hyperlink on the right-hand side of the risk view. The status codes are:

Status Code Description
Quote Only A quote that has not been converted into a policy.

For example: If the quote has an NTU (Not Taken Up) code saved in the quote.

Pending Awaiting further details to be entered into the quote before it goes live.

In the additional information tab, when the firm order date is entered the status changes to Live, on cover. If the NTU field is populated, the status changes to reflect the change

Lapsed The policy has gone past its renewal date without renewal. For example, if today's date is after the policy expiry date and the policy has not been renewed.
Lapsed – renewed The policy has been renewed after the renewal date has passed. For example: if today’s date is after the policy expiry date and the policy has been renewed.
Live, on cover The policy has been accepted by the client and has incepted. For example: if today’s date is after the policy inception date, is not before the expiry date, and there is a firm order date set.
Live, prior to inception The policy has been accepted by the client but has not been incepted.

For example: if today’s date is before the policy inception date

Not taken up (appended with NTU code) The client did not accept the policy for the stated reason. The stated reason is visible on the additional information tab in the risk view screen.
Quote not taken up For example: if the quote has not had an NTU code entered, the term Quote is added to the status
Cancellation The policy was cancelled for the stated reason. The status will display Cancelled and the cancellation code

Viewing a Risk

The consolidated (imploded) and exploded market view in RISKVIEW displays the market with Clients listed first, in signed line % order descending, then insurers listed in signed line order % descending (but with insurers on the same facility grouped together), and finally silent agents in commission % order descending.

Editing a Risk

A risk can be opened for editing in the ERISK program by clicking the edit risk information link in the ‘options’ section on the right-hand side of the screen. It is also possible to open a risk by searching in the search bar and clicking on the policy, or by navigating to the required risk from the navigation tree on the left-hand side of the NOVUS desktop.

Markets, Transactions, and Claims

In addition to the risk information shown in the options section, A breakdown of individual market versions, transactions and claims can be accessed from the right-hand panel for the risk. Where a risk has multiple market versions or sections, the market tab in RISKVIEW displays all sections and market versions as selected by the user.

Using Transactions as an example:

The transactions tab contains all of the transactions relating to the current risk, one of which will be broken down into individual lines in the data grid below. The transaction can be opened in ETRAN by right-clicking on any line in the grid and by clicking the ‘open in ETRAN’ button, or highlighting the line and clicking the open in ETRAN button. The transaction and its breakdown can be printed using the print transaction button.

Risk transactions.PNG

Documents Attached to Risk

Clicking on the view documents will open a popup that shows all documents attached to the risk. Double-clicking on one of the documents listed will open it in its default program. The risk’s documents folder can be opened on the computer by clicking the open containing folder button. This popup will also show attached emails, as will the risk emails panel

Risk documents attached.PNG

Attached Policies

Policies attached to a binder can be opened by selecting the policy from the policies attached menu within the options section and clicking the go button.

Version History

V 7.0.0 - updated to the latest version
v 6.2.0 – Updated to latest version
v 6.1.0 – Updated to latest version
v 5.1.0 – Updated to latest version
3.3.0 - An exploded view of the market has been added to the market tab.