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Name Risk Map
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Risk Mapping

The RISKMAP program enables users to see a map of where the risk is located around the globe. The program cannot be invoked directly from the NOVUS shortcut field but is available when details are entered into the relevant risk details for the type of risk.

Details of different types of risk can be found at the Risk Elements page in this wiki.


A location map will only be available if the address has been validated by Microsoft Bing and the sums insured have been added for the risk. When a policy location is viewed on the risk map the sums insured value from the risk details will be displayed.

The View on Map button links directly to mapping software to display the location of each element of the risk in a graphical view. Clicking on the red pushpins will invoke a pushpin popup detailing which item in the risk applies to each pushpin.

RISKMAP pushpins.JPG

If the type of risk is marine (RISKDETMA), NOVUS will invoke the MARVIEWER program instead of RISKMAP.

Version History

v 6.2.0 – Updated to latest version
v4.4.0 – Updated to latest version