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Name Risk Details WC
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

For an overview of how risk elements work, please see the risk details page on this wiki.

Risk Details WC

This allows risk details WC (workers compensation) to be added to a risk. When using RISKDETWC for unnamed workmen's compensation the salary field is a gross amount of the total salary of all unnamed workers. In the case of workman's compensation, the type of information held at detail level is a risk item, named or unnamed policy, employee name (or trade), employee age, annual salaries for this group.


There are several ways to view these details. Either double click on the risk in the navigation tree window, or search for the risk and click on the policy to open it. On the risk view screen, select the hyperlink 'edit risk details' which will then show the risk details screen.

Alternatively, type RISKDETWC in the NOVUS shortcut box, and select the policy to edit.

Each risk has an address, information and deductibles tab that can be used to store additional information. Risk items can then be added for each item. When a risk item is added, the premium is automatically calculated based on the sums insured, sums insured % and rate %.

If there has been a transaction on the policy, padlocks will be shown on the screen indicating that the policy is locked and changes cannot be made without running the RISKEND program.

Risk Item Import

Risk items can be imported using the import risk items button to the right of the adjust premium button. See the risk item import page on this wiki for more details.


View on map will display the items on the risk (or quote) on a map.

There is no import schedule button enabled for this type of risk. For more details on the import schedule button, check the import schedule page on this wiki

Cancel will remove any changes made since opening the risk, so that the original risk details are preserved.

Save will save any changes that have been made in risk details.

Close will close the risk details screen, although if changes have been made and not saved, a warning message will be displayed.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version