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Name REQBUILD Requisition program
Area IBA

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

See PAYITEMS for further information about the REQBUILD/REQPAY pair.


NOVUS provides options for the automatic selection and payment of transactions within the IBA ledger. The option to use REQBUILD AND REQPAY allows for division of duties between the person creating the requisition and another person being the requisition payer. This enables the system to create cash entry records and match the transactions selected.


If the user has an authorisation level below 8, the program will permit a build of a requisition and subsequent maintenance including delete (discard) and edit (add). The bank is not mandatory. The user can choose to pay items (Pay = ‘Y’) or Fund (Pay = ‘F’) to the value of the outstanding amount.

The resultant status of the requisition is ‘awaiting authorisation’. The user may choose to request authorisation at the time of the build or do this by revisiting the requisition using REQBUILD. An email is sent to a user-selectable person requesting authorisation. Payment is not permitted unless the requisition has been authorised.

If the user has an authorisation level above 8, authorisation takes place automatically as part of the build. The resultant status is ‘AUTHORISED’. Emails are sent to all users who have the authority to make cashbook entries requesting that the requisition in question be paid.

Once a requisition has reached the ‘AUTHORISED’ status, further editing of the requisition is reduced to ‘delete/discard’ which requires this level of authorisation.

REQBUILD allows a user to select transactions for payment based upon a specific partner code, suffix, division and currency. To access the REQBUILD program you should type REQBUILD into the NOVUS shortcut field and launch the program. The user then has the option to either create a new requisition or amend an existing requisition by completing the fields below.

Requisition: In this field, the user can either press tab to create a new requisition (a new requisition number will be generated) or F9 if the user wishes to select a previously saved requisition.

Delete: The user enters Y or N into this field if a previous requisition was selected. This field does not appear if a new requisition was created.

Revise: If the user wishes to amend a previous requisition they may enter a Y in this field. They will be able to select further transactions for payment or remove some of the transactions already selected.

ACCOUNT: Type a partner code to pay or press F9 to select from a list of values.

Suffix: Select either '*' for client, '.' for company or '-' for a third-party agent.

Division: Select the division to pay.

Outwrd/Bdr: To select an outward bordereau for payment press F9 for a list of Outward bordereau id's. Select the one you wish to pay.

Cur: Select the currency you wish to pay either by typing or by pressing F9 for a list of values.

Bank: The selection of the bank account to pay the requisition from is optional in REQBUILD but may be selected from the list of values by pressing F9.

Selection of transactions to pay

The REQBUILD program will display all transactions that are available to pay given the selections made in the above set of parameters. For each transaction, there are two amounts: the amount outstanding, and the amount payable. The amount outstanding is the total amount unpaid of the transaction. The amount payable on a transaction is dependent on the opposite side of the transaction having been settled. Where the opposite side of a transaction has not been settled the amount payable will be zero.

The amounts a user can select for payment will be determined by the user record in the WHO program. The user will be able to pay the amount outstanding on a transaction only if they are permitted to fund. If not they will only be allowed to pay the amount payable.

Once the user is satisfied with the transactions selected press the build/authorise button to build the requisition. The system will provide a requisition number which will then be available in REQPAY. To send an email showing that there are requisitions to be paid, select the requisition created by pressing F9 in the requisition field, and select from the list of values. Select the email address from the drop-down box provided.


The REQPAY program allows an authorised user to approve a payment requisition that was generated by another user. Note the same user cannot create and pay the same requisition. To access the REQPAY program type REQPAY into the NOVUS shortcut field and launch the program.

To see what requisitions are available for payment press F9 in the requisition field, and select from the list of requisitions, or enter the requisition number if known. Press tab and the system will populate the remaining fields. No editing is permitted.

At this point, the bank account code is mandatory and should be selected from the list of values if it has not previously been selected at the REQBUILD stage. The bank must have been specified before a payment can be made.

When the user has reviewed the requisition they should select settle. The system will then generate the appropriate cashbook entry record, write the cash to the IBA (fully matched) and create a transaction number.

The system will also match all the transactions selected, maintains the funding on the items and their respective opposite sides, writes entries to match_log and cash_allocation, removes the tagging of the items in the IBA, maintains the requisition table and create a folio number. The folio matching can be reviewed in the EMATCH program.

Version History

v6.0.0 - updated to the latest version