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Name Report Generator
Shortcut REPGEN
Area Reports

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Universal Report Generator

The universal report generator program is used to produce reports not available from elsewhere in the system. There are two screens for this program. The initial screen shows a list of reports to select the report. The second screen enables criteria specific to the report can be entered.



After launching the REPGEN program navigate to one of the report lines and click the go to report button. The reports are displayed in browser tabs, an Excel spreadsheet or go directly to the default printer. These reports are configured in the REPSETUP program, and the tabs are set up in the CODES, and REPGEN tab groups.

The first tab displays all reports which will show reports that are available on all other tabs.

The user will then need to enter the parameters for the report. Many of the parameters will be via drop-down lists, but some will need to be entered manually.

Please note that if the Excel icon is greyed-out, this indicates that this report is print/view only and was not built for use in Excel.

Parameter Example Value
Report Name This is the internal name of the report.
Description A description of what each report does.
On Tab Name Reports can be allocated to different tabs in order to make them easier to find.
Last Ran This shows when each report was last run.
Last Ran By The database logon of the user who last ran the report.

Searching for a report

Customisation of the output is available in the grid and includes the ability to filter the output using the yellow line in order to search for reports.

Reports available







Premium & Brokerage




It is important to note that the REPGEN program contains a library of reports either written by or specifically written for individual clients. Unless specifically written for you, tested and agreed, Morning Data cannot guarantee that the data produced will be an exact match for your requirements.

Version History

v 6.0.0 – Updated to latest version
v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version