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RCLAUSE initial screen.PNG
Name Clauses for Policy
Shortcut RCLAUSE
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

The RCLAUSE program allows the user to:-

1. add clauses to, or remove clauses from, a policy from within the RISKNEW, or quote in the ERISK program, using the edit risk clauses link on the right hand options panel.
2. add clauses to, or remove clauses from, a policy or quote using the 'edit risk clauses' option in the risk view or quote view, or
3. add clauses to, or remove clauses from, a policy or quote directly in the RCLAUSE program.

If accessing the program directly from the RCLAUSE program the user will be prompted to select the policy or quote to which the clauses are to be applied, either by manual entry,
choosing from a drop down list or using the filtering capability.


The user is provided with a set of available clauses, which can be selected using the check box field and added or removed from the policy or quote
as required. The screen shows the clauses on the left hand side that are not attached to the risk, and on the right hand panel shows the clauses that are
currently assigned on the risk.

Clauses shown in bold are clauses that are currently set as defaults on a policy type.

In order to add or remove policies from a risk, select the check box against the clause to change, then select either add to policy or remove from policy.

Print results and save to file options allow the information displayed in the grid to be printed or saved to 5 different file formats.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v1.5.3 - RCLAUSE can now be opened directly from RiskView or QuoteView
v1.5.2 - An error has been fixed that would prevent the list showing any policies when RCLAUSE was selected
v1.5.1 - this is the initial version of the .net program