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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

This option is used to produce a claim/loss advice to the (re)insurers.

From the CLMMEN program menu select option 5 - claim/loss advice and click the proceed button.

Claim Ref Claim reference number.
Prov. Or Final Select ‘P’rovisional or ‘F’inal claim advice. This determines the heading on the document.
100% Reserve Enter the currency and the 100% reserve figure.
Due from (re)insurers The amount due from (re)insurers. This field can be edited and (re)insurers removed from the list.
Limits Free format text for the description of the limits.
Date of Loss Free format text for details about the date of loss.
Further descriptive location information can be entered here.
Cat. Details Additional catastrophe code details can be added here.
Insurer Section The system automatically ‘selects’ all insurers as recipients of provisional claims advices. It is possible using [PRVFLD] to deselect the insurers causing the system to create a set of provisional claims advices for a sub-set of the insurers. The ‘outward reinsurance’ columns are only applicable to HELIX and although they may be populated they do not affect NOVUS.

Pressing [COMMIT] and clicking save will create a WP file containing a provisional claims advice for each of the selected (re)insurers. Each claim advice will have details of that insurer’s share. The advices may be printed, faxed, e-mailed etc as required.

The entered details are stored on the database and re-displayed on running the program a second time. The data may also be retrieved via the sequential claim number if required.

CLMMEN Claim Loss Advice.png

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version