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Name Policy Copy / Renewal
Shortcut POLREN
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

A renewal policy is made up of some, if not most, of the information that created the original policy. The system assumes that all of the original information is included in the renewal.

In renew mode the mode flag is copied over without any changes. In copy mode, it is impossible to know whether a binder will become another binder or exist as a standalone policy.

The RISKNEW program has this information by checking the POLNUM, BAPOLNUM and MAPOLNUM fields for this information.

POLREN does not attach anything to binders/lineslips itself, that function is in the DECLARE and RISKNEW programs. POLREN will always copy the mode flag from the source policy.

If POLREN is used to renew a declaration, the program will only return a master lineslip to be if the expiring master lineslip to which the declaration attaches has itself been renewed using POLREN. The 'Reset Declaration' checkbox in POLREN is only available where the originating policy is a lineslip (mode L) and the user elects to renew.

If POLREN is used to copy or renew an off-policy that is attached to an in-house binder, if there are stopped accounts in its market, an error note will be returned advising that the master contract's market has stopped accounts and that a new policy cannot be attached to this master contract until the market is reviewed or a different master contract is selected.

Where a master contract is being copied or renewed using POLREN, and the market is selected to be copied or renewed, the user is presented with a warning that the consolidated market will need to be reviewed and committed before use. In such instances (where only the market header is being copied or renewed), the Market option under the Documentation menu in the risk screen will remain unticked until the user has reviewed and committed the consolidated market.

When declarations are renewed using POLREN, the renewal declaration number extracted will be converted to/from Base36 or Base10 numbering as appropriate based on system parameter flag settings

Field name Description
For this Policy Select the policy number to copy from or to renew.

The latest year for the policy number is shown as default. The system displays the policy number, year, policy type and other details on the left of the screen.

Copy or Renew Select copy to new or renew to copy or renew as appropriate

Renew: Enter Policy Details

Field name Description
Policy Policy number
Year Policy year
Attaching to For stand-alone policies enter the above policy number and year. For off-policies, enter the policy number and year of the binder.
NTU Code Enter a 'not taken up code if one is applicable for the new policy
Period from/to The inception date must be entered. Optionally the end date can be entered
SI Index Link Percentage of the sums insured to bring from the original policy. Increase premium and sum insured by that percentage. There must be some risk details in place.
Reset Decl. Reset declaration counter (Y/N)
Period Description As on RISKNEW, there is a period description field, which is generated by input dates automatically, but is also user-editable.

Replication Options

Field name Description
Policy Copy the policy information. Database columns created in MART for Market Role and Bureau Role are included when copying the market using POLREN.
Policy Replicate the policy exactly as it appears on the original policy.
Market Replicate the most recent market version exactly as it appears on the original policy.
Risk Details Transfer the policy details from the original policy as they appear.
Producer Copy the producer data as recorded on the original policy.
Premium Calculations Replicate premium calculations.
Notes Copy the notes from the previous year.

The policy copy and policy renew functions of this program differ only in that the renew function assumes the same policy number will be required for the new policy with the year incremented by one. The inception date of the new policy defaults to be contiguous with the expiry date of the policy being renewed.

To copy an existing Policy

The system will replicate the information from the risk record for the original policy number and year into a new policy record for the new number and year. The default number is the next sequential number available.

The copy function will create the new policy record with the same number of sections as the original policy. If the risk record for the policy number to create already exists, a warning will be issued and policy replication will not proceed.

The market can be replicated provided that too does not already exist. If policy replicate is not permitted, the check box can not be ticked.

The task of replicating a market is treated as a separate exercise from replicating a policy. Hence it is possible to copy a policy record, and replicate the market from a different policy, provided these are the same policy type and division and have the same number of sections.

The replicate market check box will replicate the latest (greatest) Market Version Number (MVN) from the policy being copied into market version 01 for the new policy being created.

The new policy will not have slips or quotations. If a slip is to be created for the new policy number based on, or identical to, a slip used on the original policy, use the replicate function in the SLIP program.

All appropriate field information will be copied to a new policy when copied or renewed using POLREN. If a master contract is copied or renewed using POLREN, the Division Code(s) is populated in BSCOPE. When using POLREN to copy a quote to another quote, the new record will display the Quote Number.

  1. In the for this policy' option box type the first few characters of the policy and click on the policy you wish to copy.
  2. Click the copy to new button.
  3. Under the 'enter policy details' section enter the required policy details including a new policy number if the default suggestion is not required.
  4. Enter the period from and to dates and add or accept the period description.
  5. Under the select required parts of from policy section click the checkboxes for the parts of the policy you wish to be copied to the renewed policy.
  6. Click the proceed button to copy the policy.

To renew an existing Policy

  1. In the for this policy option box type the first few characters of the policy and click on the policy you wish to renew.
  2. Click the renew button.
  3. Under renew: enter policy details' section, enter the required policy year.
  4. Enter the not taken up (NTU) code if applicable
  5. Enter the period from and to dates and add or accept the period description.
  6. The select required parts of from policy section will be greyed out.
  7. Click the proceed button to renew the policy.

To renew a declaration

The POLREN program can be used to renew declarations. New declarations on binders for the new year will start with -0001,-0002 etc.

If the existing declaration numbers are to be reserved at policy renewal then the 'Reset Decl:' checkbox should not be checked. However, by reserving the declaration numbers there is a risk that the maximum number of declarations allowed by the lineslip will be exceeded.

When renewing declarations, if the declaration number is reserved, the same number will be kept, otherwise, a new number will be provided.

If the reset declaration checkbox is ticked a new number will be provided.

Policy Types/Processing Groups/Policy Modes

If a quote or risk record has previously been created with a Policy Type that is mapped to a Processing Group which is no longer valid for the Policy Mode, then a hard stop error will be returned. The user should review the quote or risk record and associated code mapping to make the appropriate adjustments before copying or renewing the record.

POLREN invalid.png

Please see the user guide page for RISKNEW for an explanation of the relationship between Policy Types, Processing Groups and Policy Modes.

Amending Policy Modes

It is not possible to amend a policy mode once a record has been created, or to copy or renew a policy from one mode to another. If there is a business requirement to change the policy mode, please contact Morning Data for advice and assistance.

Version History

V 7.0.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V 6.4.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V 6.3.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V 6.1.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V 5.3.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V4.2.0 - Updated to the latest version.
v98M - Version number corrected
v97M- Add colour to the notes selection. Add num_lines, retension etc to copy over from RISK
v96J - problems with renewing declarations (URM 3869/fmx-234)
v90J -  :block2.premcalc_replicate field was being bypassed (Fogbugs 1269)
V65T - Fixed error on COMMIT.
V64M - Reduce polnum to 6 chars. Query on risk_head not risk. Increase div_code physical size.
V63J - Company length change
V61T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.