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Name Binder Cover note
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

The POLISSUE Documents and Document Tags pages provide extra information on this program.


Binder cover notes are prepared from the PROFSCHED (schedule of items on a risk) program once the policy has been converted to a firm order and the market has been added.

The templates available are policy type based and can be pre-formatted to meet your company's specific requirements. (Contact Morning Data for additional assistance).

The naming convention for the template for the policy document is XXX_DUM_POLICY_xx.doc where xx is the Policy Type.

Field Descriptions

Field name Description
Policy No: Enter the required policy number. The latest year for that policy is displayed in the next field.
Year: Enter the required year. If the system cannot find a profsched for this policy number and year the process will not continue. If a reprint of an existing cover note is required, the screen will be populated with the appropriate details and the commit to proceed box will be highlighted. Note the option (top right) will be set to E- edit.

If the cover note is being prepared for the first time, the screen will show the policy type and a list of sections. Note in this case the cover note issued date will be blank.

Type: Type and details are inserted by the system. Where the policy type is mapped to processing group 'S' the POLISSUE program queries the PARTNER table, in line with other processing groups.
Sections: List of applicable completed by the system.
Date Policy Issued Date cover note issued
System Option: Template option flag
Date Document Sent: Policy document transmission date
Delivery Method: Transmission method of policy document
Client Selection: This is automatically populated by system. Select client to produce cover note
Press Press [COMMIT] to proceed, or click the proceed button.

On pressing [COMMIT], or clicking the proceed button will open the policy document in Microsoft Word. Print the policy document or close it.


The f number fields and tags for the quoted documentation can be found at the POLISSUE documents page

Example Output in Word

Polisue word.JPG

Resetting Flags

It is possible to reset flags in the program by pressing f5 followed by [COMMIT]. The program will build a new document next time the program is used rather than use the current document held in the WP repository. For detailed information on how the process works, see the Reset Flags page in this wiki.

Version History

V 7.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
V 5.0.0 - Updated to the latest version

v21M - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.