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Name PL Account Maintenance
Shortcut PLACC
Area Purchase_Ledger

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

PL (Purchase Ledger) Account Maintenance

The PLACC program allows the user to add purchase ledger accounts or supplier information.

It works in a similar way to the PARTNER program. The bottom right-hand area of the screen contains information specific to a purchase ledger account :

VAT Code: A LOV (list of values) is available to select the appropriate code for the supplier. Rate and description are also shown on the screen. This rate will then be applied to all invoices received from the supplier unless it is overridden during purchase invoice entry.

Terms of Business: Number of days credit allowed from date of invoice. Used to calculate 'payable by' date on invoice entry.

Default NL Acc: The default nominal ledger account to which an invoice will be posted unless overridden during the posting of the invoice. N.B. a single purchase invoice can be split over several NL (nominal ledger) accounts.

Country code: Country code from the standard list of codes in the CODES program.

Divison List: The list of divisions in to which this account can be used. ('*' = All)

Stop Flag: When set to ‘Y’ prevents posting of invoices to this account.

The EPLACC program allows the user to generate an enquiry into accounts set up in PLACC.

Field Descriptions

Field name Description
Supplier Account Enter an eight digit character code
IBA Account Link Identifies the expenditure against a partner
Short Name Can be the same as the supplier account code
Full Name Full name of the supplier
Accs Address Account payable address
Despatch Address Can be the same as account address
Telephone (1) Primary contact number
Telephone (2) Alternative contact number
Fax (1) Optional fax number
Email Email address of contact
Mail Codes This can be used for the purposes of bulk posting
FAO For the attention of. Used for bulk posting
Website Optional website URL (uniform resource locator)
Sort Code Bank account sort code
Account Number Bank account number
Reference Bank account reference for tracking purposes
VAT Code F9 or double clicking in this field will return the list of VAT codes and rates and will default to this each time. This can be overwritten in the PLPOST program.
Terms of Business Usually identified on the invoice
Default NL Code F9 or double clicking in this field will return the choice of NL account codes available and will be identified in the field below; this will be the default code and will automatically post to this NL account each time an invoice is entered. The code can be overwritten in the PLPOST program.
Country Code F9 or double clicking in this field will return a list of available country codes
Division List Identifies which division the expenditure relates to
Stop Flag Only to be used when the account is no longer in use

Version History

v5.0.0 – Updated to latest version

v13K - sec validation strengthened (spaces and pecial characters disallowed).
v12K - bank details added.
v11K - IBA LOV remoeved from pl_acc field (put there in error).
v10K - pl_acc.iba_account added to screen.
v9K - existing iba account codes not allowed.
v2K - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.