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Name Email Viewer
Shortcut Email Viewer
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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.


The email viewer panel allows you to interact with Outlook and is located in the bottom centre panel of NOVUS. The email integration with NOVUS no longer uses the Outlook application to receive and send emails. It is possible to view and send emails within NOVUS, including sending attachments from the document viewer or adding them from within the New Email interface.

The email viewer will display the attachments that exist on an attached email opened from the Email Viewer grid, and emails that have been saved and attached to NOVUS records (policies, partners, claims). A tooltip will display the full name of a file and its extension.

Users who sign in via Microsoft 365 will find their user folders available inside NOVUS. This means that emails are available to attach to policies, accounts and claims. The folder name tree at the left of the main grid contains all folders and sub-folders available to the user.

Mailbox folders show all sub-folders within the email window. The email viewer shows one layer of subfolders only and does not support sub-folders within sub-folders. Inline images are displayed in viewed emails within NOVUS for clients connecting to mailboxes using Microsoft's Graph API.

A search bar above the grid allows search in the current folder only. The search button is enabled after some text is entered, and a clear button becomes visible when text is entered into the search bar. The clear button clears the text and resets the search.

There is also a 'signature' option that lets you create, edit, and save an email signature to be added to the body of all emails

Please note the following:

  • Only sub-folders of top-level folders are supported. This functionality is not available to users signing in via the IMAP protocol who have access to the inbox and sent folders.
  • Viewing embedded images within emails that are viewed through NOVUS is not available to users signing in via the IMAP protocol
  • mail folder synchronisation is disabled whilst a search is in progress. As soon as the search is cleared, mail folder syncing will be restored

New emails received in a user’s mailbox appear automatically in the main grid. Users logging in via Office 365 can see whether the message has been read, and if opened within NOVUS for the first time the read status of the message will be updated on the mail server.

When the user reaches the bottom of the fetched list of emails, if there are more messages to retrieve from the mail server, 10 more messages will be displayed.

Within this panel the following tasks can be performed:

  • View sent and received emails
  • Compose new emails
  • Attach sent and received emails to quotes, risks, claims and accounts. Further information about adding emails to risks can be found in the risk emails page on this wiki. A pop-up confirmation message is displayed when an email is successfully attached to a record.

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To change email folder focus

Users can change the folder displayed within the email viewer window to any folder they choose. To do this:

  1. Open NOVUS and click on the tab containing the NOVUS icon.
  2. Select the System icon
  3. Select Clear Email Credential Cache from the options available in the system menu.
  4. Completely exit NOVUS.
  5. When you next log in NOVUS will prompt you to go through the email setup again, and you can choose which folder you wish to focus on when NOVUS opens.

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Version History

6.2.0 - Updated to the latest version
6.1.0 - Updated to the latest version
6.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
5.3.0 - Updated to latest version
5.2.0 - Email integration improvements