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Name Outstanding amount allocation
Shortcut OSALLOC
Area Schemes

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

This program allows the user to redistribute the outstanding amounts between accounts on a transaction that have the same suffix and splitter. It can be compared with the JNL program but has the advantage of being able to adjust outstandings within a transaction i.e. not necessitating a separate transaction followed by a matching operation. JNL however can be used to make movements across suffices.

Unlike JNL, OSALLOC has no impact on the nominal ledger. It does however need to make entries into MATCH_LOG because outstanding amounts must be able to be justified from knowledge of their original amount and matching (or transfer) history.

OSALLOC necessarily needs to adjust the funding figures on changed lines. This operation is complex as the program effectively needs to recalculate the funding on any given transaction which might be highly developed from its original virgin state. The program, therefore, forces a recalculation of funding - adjustments can be made using FUNDALLOC should the resulting figures not be exactly as the user requires.

The logic used to reset the funding figures is the same as when migrating data from another system into NOVUS as the other system probably does not have funding information.


Enter a transaction number and splitter. IBA records are displayed and the user can navigate to lines on which changes are required. Once a line has been selected and the outstanding figures changed further changes can only be made on lines with the same suffix.

Changes may only be made and committed provided there is no net movement in the sum of the outstandings. The program will abort in the event of a transaction being selected which has a sum of the funding not twice the sum of the outstandings.

This program cannot be used for cash.

The program can also be used to change the payable by dates.

Version History

v 6.0.0 - images updated