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Name NL Poster
Shortcut NLPOST
Area Nominal Ledger

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for more information.

The NLPOST program is used to enter a new batch into the nominal ledger (NL), or to revisit a batch which will no longer be posted.

Only complete (balancing) batches may be posted. Incomplete batches may be saved and revisited later.

Field Descriptions

Column name Description
Batch No: Press [RETURN] for the next batch number. Batch numbers end in 'J'.
Audit: Enter Y for a hardcopy audit report for the batch.
Per/Year: Period and year. The period must be open,
Currency: The (banking) currency of the batch. Press [HELP] if required.
Div: Division.
Reversal: Yes or no.
Hash Total: The sum on the positive elements in the batch total.
Debit: Automatically displayed. Running balance of debit items.
Credit: Automatically displayed. Running balance of credit items.
Balance: Automatically displayed. Running balance.

Column name Description
NL Acc: Enter the required NL account
Description: The system displays the account details.
Narrative: Free format narrative field.
Policy: Policy number (if applicable).
Posting Date: The posting date of the entry. This must fall within the designated period entered above.
Jnl: Enter the journal type. This must be a valid journal type for the account selected as entered in the account set-up program. The LOV (List of Values) should only contain journal types that have been assigned to the value selected in the nominal ledger account. To check this, open the NLACC, find the NL code used, and check the journal type column.
Amount: Enter the amount.


Repeat for all entries in the batch. The batch cannot be processed unless it nets to a zero balance. Press [COMMIT] when all lines have been completed. If the balance of the batch is zero the option to post it to the ledger is shown. Enter Y followed by [COMMIT] or N followed by [COMMIT] to revisit this batch later.<be>

The batch should now be saved. Reopen NLPOST and check the LOV. The batch number should be present and should load successfully. Check the ENLBATCH for the journal number and confirm that it looks correct.

Version History

v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version

v25K - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.