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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Risk Details AH/CY/LI/PA/PR Import Schedule


The Import Schedule button on the risk details screen allows repetitive risk level data to be imported from a spreadsheet, using the appropriate schedule import template spreadsheet, rather than having to type the information manually.
The templates can be found in the 'Schedules' folder in the wp drive.

The import is based on the standard ER3001 spreadsheet. Each row in the spreadsheet will be imported as a separate property.

The number of columns listed beyond column BL is determined by how many sections and risk items are listed.

It should be noted that all risk detail types are driven by the entries in the CODES program configuration. The key codes that must be configured correctly are:

  • Policy types
  • Risk items
  • Risk details types
  • Risk items
  • Section groups

NOTE: Should there be incompatible configuration in the CODES program, the schedule import will not import.

CODES risk details types.PNG


There are a number of schedule importing rules that must be respected to achieve a successful import:

  1. Only make changes to the input sheet. The linked worksheet 'data table' links directly to this first worksheet.
  2. The second worksheet 'list of items' relates to the codes in your dataset and must be configured correctly to allow an import.
  3. Check that the latest version of the schedule is being imported to be consistent with any software updates.
  4. Ensure there are no errors in your import spreadsheet.
  5. Update all non-numeric totals that should have numeric totals i.e. total insured values and gross premium may not appear if the cell format is incorrect.
  6. Change a cell format to ‘number’ rather than ‘general’ where ‘E’ numbers appear.
  7. Ensure the dates correspond with the underlying policy. Any mismatch will stop an import.
  8. Mismatch of codes in the schedule with underlying policy will give an error. Note that risk items map with sections.
  9. The spreadsheet will error if the last version of the spreadsheet is saved on either of the first 2 worksheets. It must be saved on the third and last spreadsheet.
  10. Overwriting pre-set template formulas will cause errors in the import.
  11. If a column is removed from the worksheet 'input sheet' the corresponding column in the data table must be removed.
  12. Please do not import the policy number. This should left blank.
  13. Once the schedule is imported, the page must be saved:

Schedule Import button v2.JPG

The Schedule Import File with Worksheets

Worksheet 1 - INPUT SHEET


Worksheet 2 - List of Items

List of Items.PNG

Worksheet 3 - Data table (remember to save file on this tab)

Data Table tab.PNG


This will accommodate different risk details types: AH/CY/LI/PA/PR.

Please also note that there is little validation or modification of data on import, so the above import rules must be reviewed thoroughly.

Import Schedule Column Headers

The table below relates to schedule import column headers for a property risk RISKDETAH and includes additional columns.

Note that other risk details types may not include the same number of columns as commented in section above.

Field Column
New or Renewal A
Policy Number B
Name of Insured C
Location Number D
Inception Date E
Expiry Date F
Building or House Number G
Street Name H
City I
County Code M
State Code K
ZIP Code/ Postal Code L
Country M
Currency N
Earthquake - Inc Y/N O
Earthquake - Limit P
Earthquake - Deductible Amount Q
Earthquake - Deductible Percent R
Earthquake - Deductible Basis S
Wind Storm - Inc Y/N T
Wind Storm - Limit U
Wind Storm - Deductible Amount V
Wind Storm - Deductible Percent W
Wind Storm - Deductible Basis X
Flood - Inc Y/N Y
Flood Deductible Limit Z
Flood Deductible Amount AA
Flood Deductible Percent AB
Flood Deductible Basis AC
Any Other Perils - Inc Y/N AD
Any Other Perils Deductible Limit AE
Any Other Perils Deductible Amount AF
Other Perils Deductible Percent AG
Other Perils Deductible Basis AH
Terrorism - Inc Y/N AI
Terrorism Deductible Limit AJ
Terrorism Deductible Amount AK
Terrorism Deductible Percent AL
Terrorism Dedictible Basis AM
Terrorism - Acceptance Date AN
Terrorism - Declination Date AO
Terrorism - Terrorism Premium AP
Type of Occupancy Code AQ
Occupancy Code AR
Occupancy Description AS
Construction - Type of AT
Construction Code AU
Construction Description AV
Year Built AW
Last Year Structurally Updated AX
Protection Class AY
Square Footage AZ
Number of Stories BA
Number of Buildings BB
Building Cladding Description BC
Roof Shape / Indemnity BD
Is it Soft Storey - Y/N BE
Are Sprinklers Installed - Y/N BF
Notes BG
Description BH
Item BI
(Blank) BJ
(Blank) BK
Insured From BL
Insured to BM
Sums Insured BN
Rate BO
Premium Bp
Total Insurable Values (100%) BQ
Expiring Premium (100%) BR
Gross Premium (100%) BS
Participation/ % Ceeded BT

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

Build 1.3.7 Initial release