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Name Indications
Shortcut N/A

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

The INDICT program is a quick and easy way to create indications/quotes. It is a skeleton record to place all enquiries onto the system. The expectation is that the client (cl/ins/reins) partner has already been set up, due diligence and sanctions checking must have occurred, and any agreement terms must already be in place.

INDICT is intended for use on mode 'O' risks (open market, declarations and off policies). The list of values for type is restricted to policy type codes (GID 1) which are mapped to processing group codes (GID 14) of D (Direct Commercial), F (Facultative Reinsurance) and P (Direct Personal Lines).

Creating an Indication

When the program is first launched it automatically generates a new quote number based on a sequence in the database and the next number available for use.

All required fields in the program are shown with an asterisk (*).

Each field should be completed, either by selecting an option from a drop-down box or entering free text. Currently, the only available mode is an Open Market which is selected by default when the program starts.

The Division code must be selected in order for the lists of values in the Client Details area to be returned, as partners can be restricted for use on certain divisions only (if required) using the PARTNER program. the Client and Insured fields can be left blank if these details are not known at this stage. and completed by opening the record, which will open it as a Quote in RISKNEW.

In the User Details section, the user will have been assigned a division via the WHO program. The program checks the user's security level and if a division has been assigned, will be displayed.

The ROX field is greyed out. A currency, generated from the CUR program, must be selected before this field is enabled. It is possible to overwrite this field if desired.

The list of values returned for the 'Occupancy' field in INDICT respects the user's authorisation level setting in WHO.

Once all mandatory required fields have been completed the save button will be highlighted to enable the quote to be saved. This button only becomes available when all of the required fields have been entered and validation has been successful.

When the indication has been saved a confirmation prompt will appear.


This dialog box will detail the next steps for the indication. An automatic email can be sent to the client's default email address. The create a new quote on close checkbox enables multiple indications to be entered with a new indication number.

The 'open QUOTE program on close' will open the QUOTE program allowing more information to be added to the quote record.


The design of the program allows the rapid completion of each field. This can be done by using a combination of the tab key and space key.

The tab key allows moves to the next field while the space key (on certain fields) brings up the lookup edit. On some fields such as division, location and country, begin typing to display the search results. Pressing enter in the selected field entry will save it and the next field will be highlighted.


There are 13 required fields on the form, several of which are automatically entered when the program is opened. As data is entered the program validates the user's input.

If a number of required fields have not been completed, the following message is displayed.

Indication Validtion 1.PNG

Hovering over this area will show a tooltip that describes the fields that currently need to be entered before the user can save the indication.

Indication Validation 2.PNG

Adding an Assured

To add a new assured to the system at this stage select the add button. The PARTNER program will open to enable the details to be added. Upon returning to the INDICT program, the cl/ins/reins and Orig Assured drop-down lists will be refreshed so that a newly created partner record can be selected.


Unable to Add an Indication


The most common causes of this error are as follows:

  • Using invalid characters in the period description. Using characters such as single quotes ( ' ) might cause an issue although we do try and locate any issues before the user saves the indication.
  • Other causes of this error may be data related and may need Morning Data to investigate further.

Version History

v 6.4.0 – Updated to latest version
v 6.3.0 – Updated to latest version
v 6.0.0 – Updated to latest version
v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version