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e the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Function Keys in NOVUS are used as shortcuts for navigating and processing the forms programs. An image of the fkey shortcuts are shown below:


The f keys are as follows :

F Key Description
F1 Help
F2 N/A
F3 Duplicate Field
F4 Duplicate Record
F5 Reset WP Flags
F6 New Record
F7 Enter Query
F8 Execute Query
F9 List of Values (LOV)
F10 Save
Shift + F1 Display Error
Shift + F2 Record Count
Shift + F3 N/A
Shift + F4 Clear Record
Shift + F5 Clear Block
Shift + F6 Delete Record
Shift + F7 Clear Form
Shift + F8 Print
Control + Q Exit