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Name Transaction Enquiry
Shortcut ETRAN
Area IBA

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Transaction Enquiry

The ETRAN program enables detailed enquiries on existing transactions to be performed. On first entering the program the system will prompt for a transaction number; this is a mandatory field. Choose the transaction number and click search. The remaining fields at the top of the form are automatically populated and a list of individual lines on the transaction is displayed below.

Available transactions are listed in a drop-down box. Autocomplete will find transactions matching the criteria entered.

On clicking search the transaction tab is populated with the IBA lines involved in the transaction; details of each column are below.

Column heading Description
Partner account code
Account Name
Partner account name
Indicates the role this account plays in the transaction
From premium transactions the splitter allows separation of instalments, i.e. first is A, second B, while for claims the splitter is used as the separation for split claims
Tax Code
A value other than null indicates the tax or fee code that this line represents
Tax Description
Long form description of the code
Section Type
The section type that this line applies to
Order Gross
Gross amount of the transaction in source currency
Instalment Gross
Gross amount of the instalment in source currency
Any brokerage deductions earned against a line
Original Amount
Original amount against this line in source currency
Outstanding Source
Amount outstanding against this line in source currency
Outstanding Destination
Amount outstanding against this line in destination currency
The amount of funding available for this line to pay the opposite side
Gross Premium
The 'headline' gross premium for the whole transaction. As this is a 'headline' figure only it cannot be apportioned over each line, so is repeated in each row, and cannot be used for totalling
Gross Claim
The 'headline' gross claim for the whole transaction. As this is a 'headline' figure only it cannot be apportioned over each line, so is repeated in each row, and cannot be used for totalling
Instalment Date
The effective date of this instalment
Accounting Date
The date for which the transaction instalment will be accounted in the nominal ledger
Booked ROX
The exchange rate at the time the transaction was created - used for brokerage
Payable By
The date the instalment must be paid by - usually instalment date + delay
U/W Payable By
The date the instalment must be paid to underwriters by - usually payable by date + terms/trade
Converted Date
The date the transactions was converted into destination currency
The rate of exchange used to convert the transaction into destination currency
Last Match Date
The latest date that any matching was done on this line of the transaction

ETRAN results.PNG

The following optional columns are available by clicking the column customisation icon.

Column heading Description
The bank account used in matching
Market version number for this transaction
Copy of account reference from the market plus additional narrative from other programs such as claims
The section letter that this line applies to
Statement Flag
Whether this line is flagged to appear on a statement

There is also a zombie record button which is enabled if the transaction contains records that have been zombified and allows a review of the zombification history.

The layout shows the order per cent, brokerage per cent, precedence client commission, precedence taxes, and market type. Source and destination currencies are visible.

Right-click on an account to access the context menu.

ETRAN context menu.jpg

Sort results using the filters, or drag columns to group the results. Tooltips show how to best use the program.

Print and save to file options added, save to file in five different file formats.

Version History

4.2.0 - Updated to the latest version.
3.2.0 - Gross values in ETRAN have been inverted to correct an inconsistency with both brokerage and gross for contra premiums; When exporting data users are now prompted whether they'd like to open the exported data

3.0.0 - Summary totals added for all columns containing values and various bug fixes

1.2.1 - ETRAN .net converted
v25M - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.