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Name Screen Titles
Shortcut ETITLE
Area Utilities

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Screen Titles

The ETITLE program allows enquiries on the list of programs available. The edit button will invoke the TITLE program as no changes can be made to entries using the ETITLE program.

The main block in this program lists the following information:

Column name Description
Shortcut This is the shortcut to access the program from the menu screen.
Form Title The full name of the program appears at the top of the program when it is launched.
Form Name The internal filename of the program as stored on the server.
Level Authorisation level assigned to this program (1-9).
Group Program group assigned to this program. This allows restrictions to be put in place on access, see the relevant item in WHO
Status Status of the program (shortcut, chained, archived, menu) .
System Systems in which the program is available. (N = NOVUS)

Version History

V4.2.0 – Updated to latest version.

v5T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.