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Name Risk Record Enquiry
Shortcut ERISK
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Users of HELIX should see the section below, legacy risk record enquiry/maintenance, for details of the operation of this page

ERISK Risk Record Enquiry


The ERISK program has search capabilities and powerful filtering abilities. Its “fuzzy” search will search for policies that contain the free text to enable searches for a particular partner code or partial client name. Values containing special characters can also be searched.

All returned values will be filtered by live or in-force risks and quotes by default. To see lapsed risks and quotes the user must untick the "live" box at the top of the screen.

Full grid customization allows the user to customise the layout to display the data as they choose, and print and save to file options allow this information to be shared.

Visual icons at the left of the default grid indicate which policies are locked, have any notes attached to them, or if there are any insured in the risk details. Double-clicking a line entry will open a new tab to allow policies to be browsed and the context menu opens other tasks to be started by right-clicking the entry.

ERISK checkmark.png

Clicking on the green checkmark in the column will display details of the risk items on the risk record.

ERISK results.PNG

The results set can be further refined by the grid filtering capability.

Policies and quotes are accessible from this program, and additional criteria such as Insurable Interest Name or Sections can be selected to narrow down the initial search. Rows coloured grey indicate lapsed policies, and red indicates that there is an NTU code against the record.

Rows with a padlock indicate that there has been a transaction on the policy, meaning the policy cannot be edited.

Please Note the values for the optional fields total sums insured and total estimated GWP are taken from risk details. If risk details are being used, it is not recommended to manually alter these fields.

The following options are available in ERISK: Contains - this works as a fuzzy search or “like” search, which will return rows that contain this value or part of this value. For example, searching for '201' would return rows for 2010-2019, but not for other years, unless '201' was part of the policy or quote number field or the partner.

Searching for 'H21222 09010' would return rows for policy number H21222 or with a partner of 09010.

Make sure space is left between any entered search items.

In the Additional Criteria field, the Insurable Interest Name in the drop-down allows the user to search on any property name, depot name, insured person name, vessel name (e.g. the top left-hand corner ‘Insured Name’ on any risk details screen) to return matching policies to the grid.

The number of employees field in ERISK shows two decimal places so that the average number of employees in a given year can be recorded.

The number of records found by the search will be displayed to the right of the save to file button.

Sort results using the built-in filters or drag columns to group the results. Tips show you how to best use the program.

Optional columns are available to enable reporting on country code and region code for the risk and the original assured.

For Helix datasets where the IFRS17 flag is set a field displays identifying whether a policy is onerous or non-onerous to comply with IFRS17.

Note: Some existing columns in ERISK have been re-labelled; Assured to Assured Name, Market Client to Market Client Code, Original Assured Trading As to Assured Trading As, Client Code to Risk Client Code, Client to Risk Client Name). An Operational Mode column is included by default. Monetary Values showing as blank in Total Outstanding Claims, Total Settled Claims and Total Incurred Claims Columns, default to Zero. Users may need to adjust any saved grid layouts accordingly.

Additional Criteria

Selecting the + symbol will add an additional criteria box, where an additional search option can be selected. Additional criteria are:

- Business class
- Country
- Created
- Created by
- Currency
- Department 
- Division
- Expires
- Inception
- Insurable Interest Name
- Location
- Mode
- Occupancy
- Producer
- Reinsurance
- Risk details type
- Risk/Quote
- Sections
- Sector
- Status 
- Type

The policy mode additional search criteria and grid display allow the selection and display of: • In-house binder • Facility binder • Lineslip • Non-Proportional Treaty • Other • Proportional Treaty • Facultative Reinsurance • Wholesale binder

Additional search criteria for Mode contain a list of values supported by Policy Modes (GID 87) - e.g. In-house binder, Facility binder, Lineslip, Non-Proportional Treaty, Other, Proportional Treaty, Facultative Reinsurance, Wholesale binder.

Selecting the - symbol will delete the last additional criteria in the list

Search - will perform the search

Reset - will reset the grid

Print results - this allows the grid of search results to be printed

Save to file options enable the file to be saved to five different file formats. When exported to Excel, results that contain images have 'yes' in the column to allow for filtering.

Create New Risk - this will open the RISKNEW program in order to create a new risk (or quote)

The column customisation icon button to the left of the create new risk button will allow the user to choose additional columns to be displayed on the grid.

Right-clicking on the header row of the grid will bring up a context menu that enables the user to access a variety of functions, including the show group by box to enable records to be grouped by a selected column. Additional columns can be added to the grid by using the column customisation button, or the column chooser link in the context menu.

Searching in ERISK using additional criteria of Insurable Interest Name will return quotes in addition to risks.

ERISK Context menu.PNG

Version History

v 7.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
v 6.4.0 - Updated to the latest version
v 6.3.0 - Updated to the latest version
v 6.2.0 - Updated to the latest version
v 6.1.0 - Updated to the latest version
v 6.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
V 5.3.0 – Updated to latest version.
V 5.2.0 – Updated to latest version.
V 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version.
3.4.0 - new column was added to show the submission status of documents to the Placing Platform (PPL)
3.2.0 - improve date formatting for exported data; the grid layout menu wouldn't close after clicking the button at the bottom of enquiry programs unless an option was selected
1.3.7 - this is the initial version of the .NET program with the new user interface