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Name Policy listing by Reinsured
Shortcut EPOLIST
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Policy Listing by Reinsured

The EPOLIST program lists policy numbers along with brief policy details either by a specific reinsured or client.

The reinsured field defaults to all. A list of values (LOV) is available [F9] which will display a drop down list of reinsureds. Enter the re-insured or client code or leave blank for all. Risk records are tagged with the client account and the re-insured account.

The re-insured account is specified at the time the policy was set up. The system automatically enters the client code when the market is set up. If multiple clients apply then the client code is set to var (various). The system will set the re-insured code to be the same as the client code if the re-insured code is null.

The client field code is a required field. A LOV [F9] will produce a drop down list of valid values.

The EPOLIST program (policy listing by (re)insured) provides a summary of policies for specific or ALL reinsureds and/or clients. It shows the user if the policies attach to a binder, whether the policy is NTU'd (not taken up), how many slip versions there are, how many debit notes, how many closings, what market version the policy is up to and what date the cover note was issued (if entered into the COV program).

If the user selects all reinsureds and all clients for the two criteria in the header and returns all records, or limits either of these to return a subset of all records, the F7 key will clear the lower part of the screen and limit the results further, perhaps by division or policy type or NTU code.

On pressing tab a list of policy numbers appears which meet the criteria entered above. The columns displayed are:

Field name Description
Policy No Policy number. The options are:-

1. [HELP] This displays fuller details of the risk record. Press [EXIT] to exit this screen 2. [COMMIT] Displays listing of the transactions against this policy, year and section. Note: With the above two options the system automatically opens the folder containing the documentation for this policy using Internet Explorer. Click the Internet Explorer task button to display the folder. Documents can be opened using Microsoft Word by double clicking. Click on the NOVUS screen to continue.

In the transaction listing screen: Details displayed are transaction number, type, date entered, source currency, gross amount (order percent), brokerage (in source currency), destination currency and total client amount outstanding. Convertible transactions will have different source and destination currencies.

Unconverted transactions show the outstanding amount in source currency. Partly converted (not all instalments) show as part converted.

Year Policy year.
Div Division.
Type Policy type.
Section Section description.
Binder Details of the binder the policy attaches to, if applicable.
Orig Assured Original assured.
C/N Date Date the cover note was produced.
NTU Denotes if policy has been marked as not taken up.
Quote Number of quotations.
Slips Number of slips produced.
MVN's Number of market versions produced.
DN's Number of debit notes produced.
CL's Number of closings produced.

After selecting a policy from the list, options to view transactions on the policy or view documents produced can be invoked using the icons below the list.

In the transaction field the options are:- 1. [COMMIT] To display details of this transaction. This is the transaction enquiry screen. 2. Press [EXIT] to return to the previous level. In the transaction enquiry screen, pressing [COMMIT] will display further details as follows. If the nominal ledger is installed and there are nominal ledger records for this transaction number(*) then details of the NL batch will be displayed. Press [EXIT] to exit this screen. The display will continue as below. Additional details of the transaction will be displayed. viz. statement flag, reference details and date last matched. If there are zombie records for this transaction these will displayed on pressing [COMMIT]. Press [EXIT] to return to previous level.

Note: (*) Nominal ledger records apply for a specific transaction number only if the transaction was in a convertible currency or write-offs and exchange gains/losses have been created during cash matching. See the nominal ledger page on this wiki for further details of the different types of system generated journals which can apply.

Viewing Documents

Click the display list of policy documents to view all the documents produced that relate to a given policy number.


Version History

v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version v13G - Bapolnum updated to 11 caracters for URM 3501
v11K - block1 query speded up
v9J - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.