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Name Partner Code Enquiry
Area IBA

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Partner Code Enquiry

Please note: It is recommended that if the user wants to see an overview of a partner or a list of partners, the EPARTLIST program is used.

The EPARTNER program allows partner codes created in the PARTNER program, or by clicking the Add button in the INDICT and RISKNEW programs to be queried.

Start typing in the full name field, or click in this field: a drop-down box will display the full name, account code or address to be queried. To search by any other field, use the EPARTLIST program. Fields in EPARTNER are read-only, but can be selected to copy and paste if required.

The title field is available when opening an Individual Partner record in EPARTNER from EPARTLIST.

A sanctions check can be performed by clicking the Sanctions Check button at the bottom of the form.

To edit the partner record click on the Open button. The PARTNER program will open and data can be edited.

Balance Breakdown

On the balances tab on the EPARTNER program a table is displayed with the balances on the specified account for different currencies. Right-clicking on one of these rows will open the ACCLIST program and show the balance breakdown.

Version History

v 6.4.0 – Updated to latest version
v 5.3.0 – Updated to latest version
v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version