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Name Dynamic NL Account Enquiry
Shortcut ENLACC
Area Nominal Ledger

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Programs that have an 'E' at the start of their name and often predominantly coloured pink signify system enquiry screens.

The ENLACC program allows accounts created in the NLACC program to be queried. Enter account no, division, currency, year and a period to be queried.

Tab through the fields to display records on this NL (nominal ledger) account for the specified currency over the given period.

Use the up and down cursor keys to scroll through the records.

Field name Description
Account No: Enter the required NL account code. Double click for a list of values
Division: Enter the required division code
Currency: Enter the required currency
Year: Enter the required year
Period: Starting period (numeric month number). The period will auto-populate with 1 to 12.
To: End period (numeric month number). The screen will display records between this period range for the specified year. The end period must be after the beginning period.
Dr: The system displays the sum of the debit items.
Cr: The system displays the sum of the credit items.
Bal: The system displays the balance on this NL account for the specified currency over the given period.

The fields in the bottom half of the screen are displayed by the system. Use the cursor keys to view the required record(s).

Batch: Automatically displayed.
Date: Automatically displayed.
Narrative: Automatically displayed.
Amount: Automatically displayed.
Debit: Automatically displayed.
Credit: Automatically displayed.

The report can be viewed in a browser, exported to Microsoft Excel, or sent directly to the default printer.


v 5.0.0 – Updated to latest version

v12J - Current version of form.
v8T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.