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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Document fields for ENDORSE

This is a guide only, and some fields may be client specific. Please contact Morning Data if the data is not as expected.

See the ENDORSE and Document Tags pages for further information.

Version number f numbers checked for: 74

Fields and tags for ENDORSE

F_Number Expected value tags
f1 Company company, global.company
f2 Policy number polnum, global.polnum
f3 Macro to run in MS Word if options in ('2','3') then 'honey2' else 'honey'.
f4 Currency block1.cur (end_head.cur)
f5 Policy type blocks.poltype (risk.poltype)
f6 Not used
f7 Policy number of endorsment beling replicated from from_polnum
f9 Endorsement number end_no
f10 Endorsement number padded with zero\'s upto three characters long FROM_END_NO
f11 Policy year YEAR
f12 Endorsement number padded with zero\'s upto three characters long end_no
f13 Option flag option_flag
f14 Long date format in long date format sdd (\'fmddth month yyyy\')
f15 Broker code brk_code
f16 Policy FROM year from_year
f17 Broker pseudonymn brk_code, brk_pseud
f18 AVS avs
f19 Premium prefixed with currency indicator cur, premium
f20 WP folder path
f21 Effective date in long format at (xxth/rd/nd Month yyyy) effective_date
f22 London Market risk code lm_risk_code
f23 Not used
f24 Name blocks.name (sec.name for risk_head.client)
f25 Address blocks.address (sec.address for risk_head.client)
f26 Risk type 'TYPE' block3.typeof (risk.type)
f27 Policy period tdate, date, limit_desc' PERIOD: blocks.fdate (risk_head.fdate) blocks.tdate (risk_head.tdate).
f28 From date fdate (risk.fdate)
f29 to date tdate (risk.tdate)
f30 Not used f20, f1 global.f20 global.f1 '\templates\' templates.template (where template_type = 'ENDORSE', removes '.doc' from end of value if present).
f31 Not used
f32 Assured account ass_account block1.ass_account (end_head.ASS_ACCOUNT).
f33 Reassured, reassured, insured re_flag If risk.ri_flag = Y, if codes.stcode4 (business category) = M (from codes where code = risk.bus_class and gid = 12) then 'Reassured : ' or all other business categories then 'Reinsured : ' .

If risk.ri_flag not = Y then 'Assured :

f34 Not used umr blocks.umr (risk_head.umr)
f35 Limits limit_desc, cn_date 'LIMITS' block3.limit_desc (risk.limit_desc)
f36 not used
f37 not used
f38 Policy type description poltype_desc blocks.poltype_desc (codes.description for risk.poltype and gid= 1).
f39 Not used
f41 Not used
f42 Not used
f43 Not used
f44 Not used
f45 Not used
f46 Not used
f47 Not used
f48 Not used
f49 Not used
f50 Not used
f51 Not used
f52 Not used
f53 Not used
f54 Not used
f55 Not used
f56 Not used
f57 Not used
f58 Not used
f59 Not used
f60 Not used
f61 Not used
f62 Not used
f63 Not used
f64 Not used
f65 Not used
f66 Not used
f67 Not used
f68 Not used
f69 Not used
f70 Not used
f71 Not used
f72 Not used
f73 Not used
f74 Not used
f75 Not used
f76 Not used
f77 Not used
f78 Not used
f79 Not used
f80 Not used

Version History

v6.4.0 – Updated to latest version
v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version