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Name Honeycomb Endorsement
Shortcut ENDORSE
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Further related information can be found at the ENDORSE documents and document tags pages of the Wiki.

The ENDORSE program enables the creation and editing of endorsement documents; either a London MRC (Honeycomb) endorsement or a similar single design endorsement.

If the endorsement is as a result of a change made in the RISK program use the RISKEND program first.

To Create an Endorsement

Column name Description
Policy No./Year Enter the policy number and year, the next available endorsement number will be supplied.
Endorsement Endorsement number. Replace this number with an earlier number to edit a previous endorsement.
AVS 100A: Enter Y for AVS variant of the Honeycomb endorsement dummy template.
Risk Code Enter London Market risk code.
Transaction Enter AP (additional premium), or RP (return premium) in the transaction field, if appropriate.
Cur Enter currency code.
Premium Enter premium
Sett. Due Date Enter settlement due date.
Effective Date Enter effective date.
Assured/Account Original assured details are auto-populated. Can be overtyped if required.

Press the [COMMIT] button [f10]. The system will provide a Microsoft Word document which can be modified if required. Enter the relevant text in the middle section of the document then using the mouse click Close from the file menu or press Alt-F then C to close the document.

ENDORSE document.PNG

Endorsement Production Option

Options are: create ('C'), template ('T'), replicate ('R'), or edit ('E').

The ‘C’ option creates an endorsement from a blank document. The ‘T’ option allows an endorsement to be created from a template. The ‘R’ option will require the ‘replicate from’ a previous endorsement policy number. The ‘E’ option indicates that the only option is to edit a previously created endorsement.

The templates used by this program are found in the WP directory and can be edited with care by the system administrator. The documents produced by this program are:

  • Endorsement [Version x]
  • Honey [Version x]

where "x" is 1, 2, 3, etc.

Replicate Previous Endorsement

If option 'R' replicate ('R') has been selected, enter policy number, year and endorsement number of endorsement to be replicated.

To Edit an Endorsement

  1. Enter the policy number and year and tab to endorsement number
  2. Type over the endorsement number with the required endorsement number to be edited.
  3. Press Commit (f10).
  4. The system will display the Microsoft Word honeycomb endorsement. Edits and additions can be made to the middle section of the endorsement.
  5. Using the mouse click the exit button.

Resetting Flags

It is possible to reset flags in the program by pressing f5 followed by [COMMIT]. The program will create a new document next time the program is used rather than use the current document held in the WP repository. For detailed information on how the process works, see the Reset Flags page in this wiki.

Version History

v5.0.0 – Updated to the latest version

v25T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.