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Name Create New Declaration
Shortcut DECLARE
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

The DECLARE program is designed to create a declaration made to a lineslip. The master lineslip record should be created using the RISKNEW program, as a master contract clicking the lineslip button

How to use the Declaration Program

To create a new Declaration

  1. Access the program using the New Declaration icon on the risk management menu ribbon and the policy/declaration options will be pre-selected
  2. The master lineslip to which the declaration is going to attach should be selected from the list of values (LOV) on the contract field.
  3. The system will auto-complete data from the master contract and provide the current date as inception (which can be overwritten), and allocate a new declaration number (Dec Num) for this record. Note: If the inception date does need to be amended, this must be done first before the selection of the applicable sections.
  4. Complete the remaining information, in the same way as the RISKNEW program and save the record.
  5. The cl/ins/reins field in the client details section of the policy tab must be completed with the appropriate client partner code. This partner is then substituted for the placeholder ('CLIENT') when the market is copied from the master lineslip record
  6. Complete all information in the policy tab, ensuring all required information has been entered in each field, and configure information on all additional tabs
  7. Per section market configuration can be controlled in the specific configuration section area in the sections tab. The section selector pop-up window displays the section type code and section title description.
  8. Order % can be modified in each section
  9. The client comm, brokerage and silent agent (if there is one present) must not exceed the lineslip maximums as defined on the master market for that section.
  10. Save the section configuration
  11. When the record is closed a message is returned stating that a market will be created based on the master market and any specific configuration changes made. The record will close and, as part of the close process, the market will automatically be created for the sections selected. The master lineslip market version number used to create a declaration's market is stored in the database for reporting purposes. When chaining into a declaration from POLREN, the market is created based on master market and specific configuration changes when the declaration is closed.

Once the declaration has been completed use the SLIP program to produce a slip for the declaration.

The market will be copied over from the master lineslip record, but the user has the option to customise this.

Version History

V 7.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
V 6.1.0 - Updated to the latest version
V 6.0.0 - Updated to the latest version
V 5.3.0 - Updated to the latest version.
V4.2.0 - Updated to the latest version.

V51M - handles Silent Agents v22M - Maths corrected for writing markets for declarations. Codes policies by BSCOPE.
v21M - Major overhaul. Takes Line slips and binders but copies over market for line slips with New User...
v5M - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.