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Name Data Load
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

The DATALOAD program allows risk files to be uploaded to NOVUS. All risk files that have been uploaded this way can also be viewed.

The RISKLOAD program has been re-branded to DATALOAD. Use the shortcut DATALOAD to launch the program or use the data load icon on the Risk Management tab. The 'Portal' button within the program has been re-labelled 'Risk'. The button is used to upload a risk load style file to create quotes/policies/declarations/transactions'. The 'Schedule' button is used to upload a schedule to create risk details on a quote/policy/declaration.

Access to the features of DATALOAD: risk load, schedule load, and claim load - is a configurable option, with the respective styles and policies offered in lists of values (LOV) controlled by the appropriate codes enabled in risk load styles (GID 65) and Risk Details Types (GID 72).

If you are not currently using the Risk Details screens or DATALOAD, and would like to discuss your options, then please contact your client services representative at Morning Data.

DATALOAD has a use level defined in the TITLE program. In order to use DATALOAD, the user must have an authorisation level of that defined level or greater. No further checks are made to check that the user has a security level in excess of individual use levels specified in codes.

Users can import a schedule of risk level data into the risk details screen for RISKDETMM data.

To support the development of Claim Load style files in DATALOAD, the 'Other' button is labelled as 'Claim'. It is used to upload a Claim Load style file to create claims. A system set CODES table exists for Claim Load Styles (GID 120) to be populated with styles once developed, which can have a user permission level set, and be enabled/disabled as required. When the Claim button is selected, the user can use the Claim Load Parameters box to select a Claim Load Style from the list of values. Selecting the style will enable the Upload button.

Where a Schedule file type has been mapped (which currently applies to RISKDETMM only), DATALOAD can be used to upload a schedule to create risk details on a quote/policy/declaration.

A DATALOAD template style (5.2 Claims Bordereau) allows the user to import claim loss details and create claim transactions. For more information about this functionality and how the template works, please contact your client services representative at Morning Data.

In addition to using this functionality independently within DATALOAD, the user is now able to use the 'Import Schedule' button from within the risk details screen (currently in RISKDETMM only). This will launch DATALOAD in a new tab with the Schedule button pre-selected, and the policy number passed through into the schedule load parameters.

Helix users can also import data against a Master lineslip on both Gross and Net market basis using this program.


Column name Description
Style Style of the file to upload.
ID System generated ID of the file.
Batch Date The date that the file was uploaded.
Status This shows whether the risk is: pending, failed or successful.
Binder Policy Policy number of the binder.
Binder Year The year that the risk was generated.
Policy Number The full policy number of the risk.
Policy Year The year that the policy was created
Policy Type Type of policy of the risk or quote.
Inception Date The date shown here is when the risk begins.
Expiry Date The date shown here is when the risk expires.
Client Name Partner code.
Orig Ref Reference number of the client relating to the risk.
Assured Name Name of the person for who the risk was created is shown.

Program Buttons

At the bottom of the data load window, there are four buttons available.

  1. Print Results - Print the currently displayed risks to the default printer.
  2. Save to File - Choose one of five file formats to save the currently displayed data to.
  3. Column Customisation Tool - Additional columns can be added to the grid.
  4. Proc. Transactions - This will process transactions for any risks that have been imported where the premium has been included
  5. Close - This closes the data upload program.

Version History

v 7.0.0 – Updated to the latest version
v 6.4.0 – Updated to the latest version
v 6.3.0 – Updated to the latest version
v 6.0.0 – Updated to the latest version
v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version