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Name Currency Table
Shortcut CUR
Area Security and Maintenance Programs

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

The CUR program allows the user to add/edit and delete currencies within the system.

On initially entering the program all the currencies in the system are displayed with currency, the current rate of exchange to base currency, the date it was modified, sub-unit and symbol.

For example, if GBP is the base currency and the source currency has a number, such as 1.45554 to GBP the rate of exchange should show "1.45554". This is 1.45554 XYZ's to the GBP.

By default, the program shows you the currencies as of today’s date which means it will display the latest exchange rate for the currencies. This date can be changed to show what an exchange rate was on a particular day.


The other option in the currency section will show rate changes between a specified date range. This will display all rate changes during that period.

CUR Rate Changes.PNG

To show a particular currency, use the search box to narrow down the selection of results by typing to show the filtered list.

To view the history of a currency, double click on the card to display the history tab. This displays a breakdown of that currency, when it was changed, the old rate and new rate and whether the rate increased or decreased. Zero rates can not be saved against a currency.

CUR History.PNG

Add Currency

Click the Add button at the bottom of the screen to create a new currency. It is recommended that the ISO (International Standards Organisation) code associated with the currency when creating a new currency. Ensure that the information is completed as accurately as possible. Once a new currency has been added it will display in the currency list providing that the record has been saved.

CUR add new currency.PNG

Edit Currency

Once a currency has been created the currency code, and the date changed field can not be edited. All other fields can be edited by clicking on the relevant field. Once a field has been edited switch to another currency or tab to another field to ensure that the program records any changes. Click on the Save button to commit the changes.


Delete Currency

It is not recommended to delete currencies from the system, however, this is permitted when the currency has not been used. If the currency has been used in the ledger, the system will not allow it to be deleted. Checks are carried out to ensure that an active currency is not deleted, if an attempt is made to delete a currency that is in use, a message will appear detailing the problem.

CUR Delete.PNG

A service is available that will update all currencies with the latest exchange rates with the use of the Morning Data ROX Update program. With a valid XE.Com licence, the system will connect to the service and download all your exchange rates for you. If you would like more information about this service, please contact the Morning Data account manager.

Version History

v 6.0.0 - Updated to the latest version

v 5.3.0 – Updated to latest version

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

3.3.0 - New feature added, currency exchange rate can now be updated by importing a Lloyds Bank Foreign Exchange Rate Sheet