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Shortcut CODES
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See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.


The CODES program allows users to search, create and edit existing codes (depending on their authorisation level, defined in the WHO program). Codes ensure that data can be validated and classified in a structured fashion. This page describes the system codes that are maintained by the CODES program. Pages describing IBA account codes, NL account codes, currency codes, taxes and fees are described on the System Parameters page.

In many parts of the system, a code is required. Only codes which have been previously created can be entered. Each code belongs to a code type; more information on code types can be found in System Codes and Groups.

In Division Codes, the Claims Processing Type is supported by a list of values containing F for FGU Processing and A for Incremental Processing.

The Agency Types code table supports Premium Payment Type field in the risk header so that users to identify Premium Payment Warranties and Conditions.

Searching for Code Types

To find a code type click on the all code types category and start to type in the description for the code type in the filter box above the displayed code type. The search will display applicable entries as the first letter is entered. the percentage symbol (%) represents wild card entries. For example: to find all codes that contain the word "country", type %cou into the yellow area on the left to see all the codes that contain the letter 'c' then 'co' displaying the results country codes, county codes, and discount codes

In this example, the search is for all code types which contain “cous”:

CODES search example.png

Searching Codes

To search for a specific code, type the code value into the search box at the top right of the screen. Matched codes will be displayed, with the associated code type. To navigate to the code click on the found match. A control type for the CODES program allows a lookup dropdown to display the verbose descriptions.

In the following example, a user is searching for all “AP” codes in the system:

CODES Searching dropdown.png

Editing existing Codes

To edit the description of an existing code, select the code in the list of codes of relevant code type and click on the edit selected code button in the bottom right of the screen.

Please note that only user accounts with authorisation level 8 or 9 (assigned in the WHO program) can edit existing codes.

CODES editing existing code.png

Adding a new Code

To create a new code, navigate to the code type (ensuring any previous search data has been removed) and click on the add new code button in the bottom right of the screen. Please note that only user accounts with authorisation level 8 or 9 (assigned in the WHO program) would be able to create new codes, and each code type requires different levels of detail appropriate to the usage.

In the following example, a user is adding a new “sale discount” code “SD” with a discount of 12% to the “discount codes” code type:

CODES add new code.png

Print and Save

Print results and save to file options allow the information displayed in the grid to be printed or saved to five different file formats.

Version History

v7.0.0 – Updated to the latest version
v6.4.0 – Updated to the latest version
v6.0.0 – Updated to the latest version
V4.2.0 - Updated to the latest version.