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Name Clauses. Deployment by Policy Type
Shortcut CLAUSE
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

The CLAUSE program enables the list of clauses to be created, viewed and edited, associating specific clauses to policy types.

The program displays a list of all the created clauses, an associated group number for the clause, and a description. The default incl on column indicates whether the clause has been associated with one or more policy types.

If the clause has not been associated with a policy type, the line is highlighted in grey and the default incl on entry displays (unused). Filtering the list by policy type highlights all clauses used for this policy type. Other clauses can then be attached to the specific policy type by checking the default incl? checkbox.

Column Heading Description
Clause : The clause reference code
Group : A single character A-Z for user defined clause groupings - these groupings are used for ease of selection of a bundle of clauses applying to a policy
Description : The full title of the clause
Default Incl on : The policy type group(s) on which the default clauses will be applied

The default incl on? column specifies whether each clause should be included or excluded by default when a new policy (or quote) is created for the policy type. All selected clauses will be included on the new policy.


To add a new clause

CLAUSE add new.PNG

Scroll to the bottom of the list of clauses to add a clause, group, and clause description in the blue row line. The default incl on column is not editable and will be marked as (unused) by default until it has been associated with a specific policy type. To attach a policy type, see 'to edit an existing clause' below. Additional clauses can also be added to the bottom of this list.

The yellow filter bar can be used to perform a search on any column. Columns can be moved into a different order by using the mouse to select a column header and drag-and-drop it to another position in the column titles bar. Any column can be sorted alphabetically by using the left mouse button or offered more options to sort by using the right mouse button.

To edit an existing clause


To edit an existing clause, select the policy type drop-down list (top right on the page) to view the list of all the existing clauses and descriptions. On selecting the required policy type code and description, the page will be filtered to show all the clauses for the required policy type, and rows indicating that they are included within the chosen policy.

The clauses that are included within the policy type will be displayed with a white background and the default incl checkbox will be ticked. All unused clauses will have a grey background and the default incl checkbox unticked.

To add a clause the policy type, click on the default Incl’ box to tick the box. After clicking on a check box, to enable the addition to the policy type, the tab key must be clicked, the mouse must be used to click away from the check box. When any changes are made to this screen, the save and cancel buttons are enabled to allow the changes to be saved or discarded.

Additional clauses can also be added to the bottom of the list.

Enabling the checkbox in the default incl? column will enable the clause to be included within the documentation for all new policies or quotes matching the selected policy type using the RCLAUSE program. Unchecked clauses will be not be included within the documentation.

Note: The copy from another policy type button should be selected if all clauses from another policy type are to be copied.

Copy from another policy type

To copy an existing policy type, filter the list of clauses by policy type and click the copy from another policy type… button on the top right-hand side of the results screen.

CLAUSE copy policy type dialog.PNG

This popup window displays a drop-down list of policy types. Select the policy type to be used and select the OK button This will overwrite the original policy type with all the selected clauses within the chosen policy type. If the Cancel button is selected, the popup window will close without copying the information.

Exporting and Printing

Print results and save to file options allow the information displayed in the grid to be printed or saved to 5 different file formats.

Clause Documentation

Clause pro-forma texts and clause wordings are contained in a word document (master_conditions.doc) in the dataset owners WP:\Clauses folder. A list of clauses and their descriptions is added to the document template. See the Document tags page for further information.

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v1.5.3 - default clauses added to indications. XML clause fields corrected in PROFSCHED
v1.5.2 - now handles clauses by section type
v1.5.1 - this is the initial version of the .net program
v11M - no significant changes
v10M - Clause group made to be in range A-Z
v8P - Updated look and feel. Longer fields for Clause ID
v4P - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.