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Name Insurance Certificate
Shortcut CERT
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

Insurance Certificate

The CERT program is used to produce the certificate of insurance for either a specific risk element or a set of risk elements. Each item is assigned the next available certificate number (see the COUNTERS program) which prevents the system from issuing a second certificate for the same risk item. Certificates in NOVUS are certificates of insurance and are produced for a car or a building etc.

The program supports three stages of certification:

Generate: This allows the user to select those items to generate certificates for. This task can be restricted to a user of sufficient level of authority, defined in the WHO program.
Print: This is the actual mechanics of preparing the certificate and a high-level user is not normally required for this task.
Reissue: This operation uses the same certificate number but reports the revised sums insured. This certificate is marked as “re-issued”.

Depending on the policy and in particular the section groups on that policy, certification can either be at the risk detail level or at a higher level such as a set of risk items. In the case of property, for example, there could be a number of risk items for a common address. In this case the certificate would be prepared for all the items at that address. In the case of fleet motors, for example, each vehicle would have separate certificates.

Each type of policy carries its own style of certificates, the layout of which can be modified by the user. These are in the form of dummies which are Microsoft Word documents.

Lloyd’s certificates. If there is a need to issue a certificate from a pre-numbered set, the system allows the User to enter the Lloyd’s number at the time of generating the certificates. In this way the system is aware of the Lloyd’s number, but the internal sequential numbering process remains undisturbed.

Cert conf.JPG

Example Output in Word:

Cert word.JPG

Version History

V 5.0.0 - Updated to the latest version.

v66J - fmx-208 update host commands for 64 bit OS
v65S - URM 3308 F74 address filed format update to support ACORD format for risk_dets_t and support risk_dets_t added
v46J - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.