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Name Binder Scope
Shortcut BSCOPE
Area Policy

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for general information about the system.

Binder Scope

This program sets up the ranges for many different options on a binder, limiting what is available for use on off-policies/declarations.

Once a binder/lineslip has been created the BSCOPE program defines what options are available in the risk for off-policies/declarations created on the binder/lineslip.

As each configuration button is clicked, a table is displayed with settings from the binder: Checkboxes allow ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ of each line entry. All codes defined are unique

BSCOPE Check box.PNG

  • If the binder or line-slip does not have a record in BSCOPE for the code in question, then the codes for the off-policy/declaration are unrestricted.
  • If a record has been set up for the code in question, then the configuration can be either ‘Include’ or ‘Exclude'. The two logic modes cannot be mixed:
    • Once a check box has been selected to ‘include’, the ‘exclude’ option is disabled for all other codes in the same group.
    • Once a check box has been selected to ‘exclude’, the ‘include’ option is disabled for all other codes in the same configuration.
  • If ‘include’ is selected ONLY the selected codes can be used in the off-policy/declaration.
  • If ‘exclude’ is selected ALL codes are acceptable apart from codes already selected.

For a facility - the currency configuration will need to be completed in BSCOPE to allow access to the facility in the MART program for any placed policy.

The Default BSCOPE Screen

The BSCOPE screen will show a range of codes once the policy number and year have been entered:


The codes entered on the risk record when created in RISKNEW will be displayed on the button label; even where multiple codes have been selected in BSCOPE, only the risk header codes will be displayed as the button is only large enough to display one code.

If there are no codes selected for a specific configuration, the button will be blank.

Clicking on the button for each code will display the grid of values with their included/excluded status as detailed below.

Policy Type Configuration:

BSCOPE Policy Type.PNG

Currency Configuration:


Division Configuration:


NTU Configuration:


Dept/Branch Configuration:


Location Configuration:


Country Configuration:


Available states for the country selected are available.

Business Class Configuration:

BSCOPE Business Class.PNG

Occupancy Configuration:

BSCOPE Occupancy.PNG

LM Risk Code Configuration:


State Configuration:


Version History

v 6.0.0 Updated to latest version

v4.4.0 – Updated to latest version

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

v12S - Chaining from NOVUS back working

v11M - Control block used to capture policy number and year. Colours overhauled.

v8T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.