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Name Bank Reconciliation
Shortcut BANKREC
Area IBA

See the NOVUS Walkthrough Guide for further information.

To reconcile the bank the BANKREC program must be used.

In the bank reconciliation program, a list of cash entries, transactions and purchase ledger (if applicable) posts will appear in a list for the currency chosen. This displays what has been posted to the bank. The bank reconciliation icon is in the accounts tab in NOVUS or type BANKREC in the NOVUS shortcut box.

BANKREC currency.PNG

Field Descriptions

Field name Description
Bank: Enter the three-character bank account code for this reconciliation (list of values available)
Unreconcile: Enter Y to see only reconciled items with a view to unreconciling them. In normal use, this is set as null (set to ‘N’) in order to carry out reconciliation
All: Set to Y if to reconcile all unreconciled items on the cashbook. This will set all line items to 'Y' in the lower part of the screen
Reconcile to: Enter the amount to reconcile to e.g. a closing figure on a bank statement
Difference: The difference between the above field and the reconcile to field is displayed. This figure acts as a guide to find items to reconcile. This field should be zero to process the reconciliation.
Account: Displayed IBA account code
Div: Displayed division code
TranNo: Transaction number - this will be null for CASHENTRY program batch headers
Date: Accounting date as entered in the CASHENTRY program
Name: Displayed short name of the IBA account or other annotation entered at the time this entry was made in the cashbook
Folio: The CASHENTRY program folio number
Cheque No: Cheque number
Reconcile Amount: Displayed accounting amount of the line as entered in CASHENTRY or the reconcile amount for a batch header
Rec’l Enter Y to reconcile this item - items set to Y can be unreconciled by resetting this field to N

Selecting an item to reconcile updates the difference field in the top of the screen. The selected items can only be saved (press the process button to commit the items) if this difference is zero. The difference field acts as a guide to the item(s) missing in the reconciliation

NOTE: If a batch header is reconciled/unreconciled (null transaction number), all elements of that batch (same folio number) will be reconciled/unreconciled at the same time

To save the reconciliation, press process to commit the items once the difference is zero

A reconciliation will update the reconciled field<be>

Version History

v4.2.0 – Updated to latest version

V19R - Bug fix when printing list of reconciled items returning no data

V17K - Includes 'All' field

V15T - First version of this form to use the new style. No other updates except the restyle.